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AMZscout Review: Best Amazon Product Finder Tool 2020

AMZScout is one of the most promising tools that provide you with additional market and product information for your business on Amazon. In addition to helping you helping you gain insights about product searches, the tool also allows Amazon sellers to calculate their estimated income to gain greater visibility about how conducting business on the online marketplace will help them.

With the help of AMZScout, Amazon sellers will also have access to historical pricing data and how the rank of millions of products on the Amazon marketplace has changed over time. Since the primary motive behind using AMZScout and other tools of the likes is to increase your sales figures, the tool also gives Amazon sellers the chance to analyze the quality of their product listings to help them get an idea of how many sales they will be able to make each month.

AMZscout Review: Benefits

  1. Product research and finding new product opportunities
  2. Competition research and market analysis on Amazon
  3. Data mining through a very useful export feature.

AMZscout Review: Features

Check out the list below of some of Amzscout’s features:

  • Sales Estimates
  • Fulfillment Details
  • Sales Rank
  • Historical Data
  • Quality of Product Listing
  • Revenue Estimates
  • Profit Calculator
  • View Trends
  • Data Export

AMZscout Review: Free Tools Offered By AMZScout

  • Sales Estimator
  • FBA Fee Calculator
  • Amazon Inventory Spy
  • Amazon to eBay Price Comparator

AMZscout Review: Estimation of Sales

AMZScout utilizes the most recent innovation and logic to comprehend the sales volume of any item. It additionally takes the information from real Amazon Sales about the ranking to decide the business volume for any items. They go into profound for subcategories as well, if the item doesn’t have any rank in the parent classification, they gauge the sales in subcategories or significant classes.

The estimation procedure comprises the following steps:

AMZScout checks the rank of every item in singular classes.

 AMZScout Review- Tracks The Sales History

It tracks a portion of the product stock. As we as a whole know it isn’t possible and Amazon would not give that information to anybody but rather we can simply figure out how to defeat our shortcoming and discover an answer. A similar way, AMZScout tracks top items and their stock. (For instance, no. 1 and no.10 items)

 AMZScout Review- Evaluate Your Business

It is very convincible that they don’t have all of the information however they take a shot at a few strategies to make sales estimation. On the off chance that we take a gander at the past illustration, they have followed number 1 item stock over the timeframe however they don’t have the information for other 3 items and afterward they have information for number 5 and 6 items, and after that, they have number 10 item stock information. They will take the average of that information to assess the business information of that classification or item.

 AMZScout Review- Checks All The Keywords

AMZscout Review: Web Application

You don’t need to introduce or install anything to utilize AMZScout web application. You can begin utilizing the tool straightforwardly from your program. Sign on to the website and sign in or signup utilizing Facebook, Google, Weibo or your email address. When you are finished with the signup process, you are set to utilize the AMZScout web application.

When you signup, you get a 7-day time for testing to investigate the instrument. The item accompanies three designs: Basic, Start, and Business. The essential difference in every one of these plans is the number of items you will have the capacity to track utilizing the item tracker. Pick your coveted arrangement and get this show on the road to wind up the success.

Chrome Extension

Here you should introduce an extension to your program. Starting at now, the AMZScout expansion is accessible for Google Chrome Browser. Install the extension from essential and star contingent upon your membership. Once the establishment finishes, you will get a warning for joining to your record and you are good to go to begin utilizing it.

Basically, go to any of the Amazon pages you need to investigate and tap on the extension to begin utilizing it. You can examine any page or any item or even you can scan for items by catchphrases as well. You will see a spreadsheet with a great deal of information.

AMZscout Review: Features of Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension is much the same as that of Jungle Scout with for all intents and purposes the matching features inside it. The AMZ Scout’s Chrome expansion works flawlessly simply like some other extension.

  • Gross Sales Approximations – It offers total anticipated deals in scarcely a sole click to assess the market.
  • Revenue Estimates – It is possible to expeditiously check an anticipated profit and also get significantly more data for the item sourcing.
  • Fulfillment Details – Obtain all the data on FBA expenses.
  • Look at Trends – Examine the search crawler’s inclines on how every merchandise is drifting.
  • Gross Sales Rank –Get suitable specifics of Perfect Vendors Rank.
  • Profit Calculator – Estimate your anticipated profit in two or three mouse clicks.
  • Historical Information – Obtain verifiable data of cost and also rank evolving.
  • Immediate Info on Rankings – Get data on how great is evaluating different products in a flicker of the eyes.
  • Excellent Quality of Merchandise Itemizing – Examine organizing quality through our LQS esteem Data Export

AMZscout Review: Customer Reviews

AMZScout Review With Discount Coupon

AMZscout Review: Tools Provided

Product Searches

With the help of product searches on AMZScout, sellers can know which products are in the most demand on Amazon marketplace.

For added convenience of sellers, AMZScout also gives users the chance to get details according to the day, week, month, or year.

Additionally, AMZScout can also help users understand how product searches change during holiday seasons, and get information regarding the latest trends in product searches for better results.

Since the AMZScout application features a database of millions of products over numerous categories, you can to find detailed information about any product that you are looking for and understand how you can use it to increase your sales figures.

The Product Search tool also provides a detailed breakdown with numerous metrics. With the help of AMZScout, you can not only get the total number of results, but also see the average monthly sales, the sales rank, the price, number of reviews, and the margin to help you understand just how well you can perform.

Fulfilment by Amazon Fees

Most Amazon sellers do not realize just how much FBA fees can affect them. Fortunately for many, AMZScout allows users to get an idea of how much they might be expected to pay in fees so that they can have a clear picture of how their finances will work.


In addition to providing users with details about the size and weight of their products, this tool can also help sellers on Amazon complete information regarding the commissions that they will be charged by Amazon.

With the help of this information, users will not only be able to make informed decisions about the type and number of products they would like to sell to meet their minimum income goals, but they can also get an idea of which countries and regions they should target to make the most of their online business.

Product Tracker

As an Amazon seller, one of your primary goals is probably to get better than your competitors – and the team behind AMZScout understands that. This is exactly why AMZScout comes with a product tracker that can be used to track the products and sales of your competitors.

Providing users with detailed information about their competitors’ sales, AMZScout helps sellers understand the best performing categories and products. Additionally, sellers can also leverage information regarding sales and pricing to develop strategies to attract their competitors’ customers by providing unique incentives.


The tracking feature can also be used to keep an eye on the inventory of your competitors and get insight into their revenues to make informed decisions and revamp their own targets and objectives.

Keyword Research Tool

Keywords are everything when it comes to online searches. As a seller trying to make it big on Amazon, your primary aim will be to ensure that your product ranks high on the list of searches. The AMZScout Keyword Research Tool can help with just that.

By providing you with information regarding the most highly ranking keywords, the Keyword Research Tool gives sellers the chance to restructure the descriptions of the products available on their online store to maximize their chances of being spotted – and bought – by prospects.


By displaying detailed graphs of how the search frequency and ranking of a particular keyword has changed overtime, the tool offers just the right amount of insight to help you know just which terms and phrases you’ll have to focus on if you’re interested in seeing a hike in sales.

Supplier Information

Since buyers on Amazon and other online marketplaces today are a lot more cautious and informed, your best bet is to provide only high quality products that will really be sought by prospects. While getting information about the quality of products and the supplier was generally very difficult in the past, this has changed considerably thanks to tools such as AMZScout.

Once you have figured out the products and niches that you would like to concentrate on, you can use AMZScout to search for details on suppliers and understand just where you’ll have the highest chance of landing a good bargain. What’s more, since you’ll also have access to reviews and other details about the supplier, you can also make an informed decision about the quality of the product given that you’re exercising due diligence.

AMZscout Review: Marketplaces

Currently, the countries supported by the Jungle Scout extensions are the United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, India, Mexico, Italy and Spain.

AMZscout Review: Pricing

As with every tool or product, pricing for AMZScout depends on the amount of functionalities and features that you’ll be using.

AMZ Scout is available for the Amazon FBA sellers in three different package options and even these are chargeable on monthly as well as annual basis.

There are 3 available plans

Basic – $29.99


  • Product database
  • Keyword explorer
  • Unlimited ideas for product search
  • Scout competitors trades
  • Check out what’s easy to sell
  • Explore items with little rivalry
  • Fast & Friendly Support
  • Product tracker for 20 products

Start – $39.99


  • Product database
  • Keyword explorer
  • Unlimited ideas for product search
  • Scout competitors trades
  • Check out what’s easy to sell
  • Explore items with little rivalry
  • Fast & Friendly Support
  • Product tracker for 40 products

Business -$59.99


  • Product database
  • Keyword explorer
  • Unlimited ideas for product search
  • Scout competitors trades
  • Check out what’s easy to sell
  • Explore items with little rivalry
  • Fast & Friendly Support
  • Product tracker for 80 products

AMZscout Review: Trial

7 day free trial. No credit card needed.

AMZscout Review: Competitors

Junglescout: Jungle Scout is available as a chrome extension or web app and gives users the opportunity to quickly and easily search through thousands of products. As well as product searches, Jungle Scout includes a whole host of features including niche hunters, free webinars and case studies and comes in three packages ranging from $29 per month to $69 per month for the Business Package.

Scope: A 100% free to use Amazon tool for keyword research, product research and analytics, Scope Seller Labs has everything you need to get started with your product or niche search. Scope is a great tool for beginners and includes a number of handy features including reverse ASIN lookups on selected products to allow users to find out which particular keywords successful products are using.

Unicorn Smasher: This free to download product research tool is featured on the ‘best available’ leader board and features real-time comprehensive data and accurate sales estimates. Users can navigate quickly between product niches to find insights to pricing, ranking and ratings as well as product reviews.

Summing Up

Amzscout is not only extremely comprehensive, but also offers just the right amount of functionality that one could need to boost their Amazon business. In addition to having a user-friendly interface and simplistic design, AMZScout also offers a wide range of features that can not only help users understand the marketplace, but also gain increased visibility of the inventory and sales figures of their competitors.

AMZScout also helps Amazon sellers understand which products and niches are promising, along with information regarding keywords that can help you rank higher up in the search results. All in all, AMZScout is a great tool for product research and can help you realign and meet any goals and objectives that you might have as a seller on Amazon.

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Product Research- AMZScout 

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