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5 Best Email Automation Tools for Amazon Sellers 2020

Digital marketing is expanding and dozens of different mediums are mushrooming, email marketing still remains one of the mediums generating the highest ROIs. More than 80% of the companies in the world use email marketing services. But only 51% of those are using email automation to save time and money. With ever-increasing competition, amazon sellers need to create a personal connection with their customers in order to generate more revenue and email is one of the best mediums for doing so. But this is very tedious work, especially when you have a large customer base. The real benefit of email marketing automation is that after you set up the email automation account, no further action is needed, you can just go to sleep. It just does the work for you, automatically. Let us look at some stats that highlight the importance of email automation

  • Automated, personalized emails get click-through rates 119% higher than normal broadcast emails.
  • If you send an automated welcome email series instead of a single welcome email it can increase your revenue by 13%.
  • Automated birthday emails with
  • Special Automated and personalized birthday or anniversary offers can boost conversion rates up to 60% over non-timed emails with the same kind of offer.

These are just a few stats that prove the immense value of email marketing, and the importance of automation in the process. The bottom line is that if you want to excel at email marketing, you need to use some tools that will allow you to have a great degree of automation.

Here we will look at the top email automation tools that you should consider.

Best Email Automation Tools of 2019 for Amazon Sellers


ZonGuru provides a suite of powerful tools for seasoned Amazon sellers providing services like marketing research, eBay listing, email automation and a lot more. Highlights embrace competitor sales volume tracking; eBay listing and order processing; sales rank tracking; keyword optimization; negative review notifications; purchaser email automation and keyword rank tracking. The Zonguru Chrome Extension helps build marketing research a lot more intuitive and offers you the tools to feel assured once deciding whether or not or to not invest in a product or not.

Zonguru Features:

The Email Automator tool is very vital for sellers to run promotional offers from time to time, specifically to existing customers. This tool helps you create stunning emails, with inbuilt templates, and simple to use interface to feature skilled graphics, product footage, company emblem, etc. All this will be automatic on specifically once to send the emails, the emails can also be personalized through the Variable Substitution feature so that that it looks that each email is customized for the user. You’ll be able to even add attachments automatically, and every one these customizations prevent your emails from being selected as spam. You can also introduce new merchandise, do after-sales follow-ups, and greatly enhance your overall client expertise.

Zonguru Pricing

Zonguru offers pricing plans within which the costs vary consistent with the kind and volume of the tools you would like to select. For the initial trial, you can test all of the available features for free before purchasing a plan for a week without requiring a credit card. For the annual plan, you need to pay the complete annual fees directly however you’ll be able to modify your plans midway, consistent with your necessities. It is suggested that you just begin with the starter plan and rescale later as your business starts expanding.

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Amzcontrol, as Sellerboard was known before, is a profitability analytics and stock management software for Amazon sellers, featuring a live view of profit and sending restock alerts. Sellerboard monitors all expenses, including FBA storage fees, refund processing costs, PPC costs, promotions, fixed costs like a prep center, etc. presenting an overview of the complete financial situation.

SellerBoard Features:

  • Live Dashboard – Sellerboard displays all the detailed information about the Amazon fees, PPC spent, return costs, promotional costs, and fixed costs.
  • Configurable Charts – The Key Performance Indicators are quickly analyzed and reflected in the flexible charts of sellerboard.
  • View the Profit and Loss – Focus on every key parameter of each time period. Additionally, you can filter the products and marketplaces.
  • Product Breakdown – The product breakdown feature provides the exact details on the filtered products, the time period and marketplaces does not matter.
  • Exact display of all Amazon fees – Sellerboard tracks all expenses and reimbursements effectively.
  • Monitoring of your fixed costs and other expenses – Sellerboard helps you track other expenses, such as maintaining a warehouse, virtual assistant, sample costs, software tools etc.
  • Restock alerts – Sellerboard calculates the selling speed per product and automatically notifies you whether it’s time to restock the FBA warehouse or to place a new order with your supplier.
  • Export data via spreadsheet – You can have an in-depth analysis of your business by exporting all the data from sellerboard. It can be exported as a text file or a spreadsheet.

SellerBoard Pricing: Sellerboard has different monthly plans: Standard which is at $19/month; Professional plan at $29/month ; Business plan at $39/month and Enterprise plan at $79/month.

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ManageByStats is one of the most powerful Amazon Analytics software built for Amazon Sellers. It produces reports and data which is not available on Amazon or it’s really hard to find, so you are going to have an easier approach to all the information that may influence the choice of your next steps on the business. This tool will allow you to have a new approach on your seller data, find new insights and boost your sales. Because good business decisions are, 90% of the time, data-driven decisions.

Managebystats Features:

  • UNLIMITED SKUs – New items can easily be added without worrying about that inevitable price increase every month hence focus only on the growth.
  • SALES VOLUME – Even if you sell high priced item in a fast growing business, there need not be any tension as they do not set limit on sales volume.
  • MONTHLY TRANSACTIONS has no limit.
  • ASIN and SKU TRACKING – You can enter Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and the automated dashboard will show Profit Margins through SKU tracking. These can also be customized for specific time frames.
  • MULTIPLE AMAZON SELLER ACCOUNTS – You can connect to multiple Amazon Seller accounts. Though there is an additional fee when you connect to multiple accounts. This situation will arise when a business grows.
  • ROLLING PRICES – HANDLES AVERAGE COGS: There is a cost of product field and options to monitor a moving target or rolling price cost for your product. You can update past records, future records, etc. for your Cost of Goods values. Cost of Goods prices (COGS) are assigned by SKU. This way you can have different COGS for FBA and FBM listings and for various conditions of the product (New, Used, etc). Prices can also vary over time, so you can adjust COGS prices when they change.

Managebystats Pricing:

The main differences between the plans include the limit of supported seller accounts, follow-up email autoresponder, keyword tracking, as well as access to premium features such as product finder, audience generator, and inventory management.

Plans Pricing ($/Month) Supported Multiple Seller Accounts
Starter $59.97 2
Professional $179.97 3
Advanced $309.97 5


BQool provides a sturdy solution to Amazon sellers automating their processes. It shows you streamlining the way to reprice your product, manage email campaigns, and supervise product reviews. The product’s main aim is to assist you save time, minimize expenses, and sell more products. It offers you to enhance your Amazon sales rank each for brand new and existing products to spice up sales and optimize Amazon’s long storage prices. The software comprises an embedded price and profit calculator. This feature is really beneficial if you want accurate estimations on your profit margins and product ROI. This tool calculates your price and profit while including product cost, shipping cost, Amazon commission fee, closing fee and EU VAT fees. All the results you obtain are updated because every time the values you input are refreshed so that a real time figure can be displayed.

Bqool Features:

  • 5-mins Accelerated Repricing
  • Embedded Price & Profit Calculator
  • Full Customer Insight for Fast Response
  • Customized Customer Service Templates
  • Intelligent Amazon Feedback Software
  • Insightful Listing Data
  • Customizable Repricing Settings
  • Schedule Repricing
  • Compete Against Buy Box Price
  • Comprehensive Dashboard & Reports
  • Repricing History Log
  • Listing File Upload
  • Favorite Filters & Groups
  • Price Safety Net

Bqool Pricing:

BQool pricing has four subscription options. The main differences between the plans are the repricing speed, product listing amount, and the availability of sales reports.

Plans Monthly Pricing ($/Month) Annual Pricing ($/Year) Listings Available
Plan 1 $25 $270 1,000
Plan 2 $50 $540 5,000
Plan 3 $75 $810 7,500
Plan 4 $100 $1,080 10,000


Trendle is an all-in-one application for Amazon sellers featuring automatic review solicitation emails, FBA reimbursement analysis, Sponsored Products Ads analytics and management, seller feedback and product review tracking and alerts, profitability and inventory analytics, keyword search rank tracking, and listing split testing. Emails can be set up which will be automatically answered with Trendle which takes away a lot of hassles and effort from your side.

Trendle Features:

  • Number of emails per month: unlimited
  • Number of campaigns: unlimited
  • Up to 4 messages per campaign (compliant with Amazon ToS)
  • Compliant with all Amazon ToS
  • 100% customizable email layouts
  • Triggers: Shipped, Delivered, Refunded
  • Set custom day to send messages
  • Segmentation by country
  • Personalization (Tags)
  • Add Product Image
  • Include attachments to emails
  • Statistics: Open & Click rates
  • Custom Messages For Repeat Buyers

Trendle Pricing:

There is a free trial period of 30 days.

  • $10 a month for new Amazon sellers (less than 100 orders shipped to date)
  • $50 a month for all other sellers for all features
  • An additional 10% commission is charged for using the FBA reimbursement managed service


Automated email campaigns offer you the perfect way to drive conversions at scale. The automation part means that you can concentrate on your business and not put too much time into the email campaign. Email-automation tools allow sellers and marketers to create personalized experiences based on how your customers interact with your brand. There is nothing more effective than knowing whom to target, and the right message to target them with. Although it takes some amount of time & effort to get up and running, creating an automated-email program can help marketers save time and increase revenue, making it worth the effort. Automated email software allows amazon sellers to quickly send messages based on a customer’s behavior, and speed up the entire process of sending recurring emails and effectively target customers in real-time. Since automation not only makes life easier but also delivers a high return on investment (ROI), the question is not whether you should automate, but rather how you should get started?

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