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8 Best Listing Optimization tools for Amazon Sellers in 2020

There has been an 8% increase in the overall competition on Amazon as compared to last year. So, the more the sellers, the higher is the competition. Thus it is only natural that sellers are using different strategies to make their product listings rank higher and perform better on Amazon. Sellers optimize their prices, research, and search for different products efficiently, they enhance their marketing tactics and automate the business processes in a way to increase profitability. Today we will talk about one such tactic that sellers use to increase sales on Amazon. Listing Optimization.

You need to ensure all of your product listings are optimized so as to ensure Increased visits, conversions and ultimately profits. This is all part of a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Amazon’s product search algorithm, known as the A9 algorithm judges your product listing on the following parameters based on which the rankings on the search result page is decided.

  • Text Match Relevancy
  • Sales Velocity
  • Stock Availability
  • Price
  • FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon)
  • Customer Reviews
  • Images (High Quality)
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Amount of Original Content

Talking about an Amazon product listing, there are 6 elements to it.

  • Product Image
  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Product Features
  • Product Ratings
  • Product Reviews

Each of these elements needs to be optimized and improved. This helps you outrank your competitors, add value, and increase your sales & profits. This is a very complicated process, especially when you need to do this for all your products. Thankfully there are a lot of tools in the market that help you do this with ease and increased efficiency.

Top Tools for Listing optimization:

Helium 10

The Scribbles tool helps to optimize the product listings fully with the best front-end and backend keywords. Scribbles ensures that no valuable keywords are missed out. It also makes it easy to write highly optimized titles, bullet points, descriptions, and search term keywords. Scribbles allows you to modify text field lengths for specific categories. Then the newly created keyword list can be imported to Frankenstein finally to scribbles again to create a fully optimized Amazon listing without missing a keyword. The modular Scribbles system subtracts a keyword from the imported list once it is used in the listing copy. If you delete the keyword from your copy, it goes right back to your keyword list.


  • Scribbles makes drafting product listings easier.
  • Scribbles allows you to include the best keywords to the front-end and back-end of your product listings to optimize it better.
  • Unused keywords in your title, description, or bullet points will remain in the “unused keywords” data fields to constantly remind you so that you include those.


Helium 10 pricing

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Viral Launch

This is a comprehensive research tool for Amazon sellers. The well-designed, interactive listing optimizer tool provides insights on what changes can increase your conversions in order to improve your sales.

viral launch


  • Listing Analyzer – Discover innovative and impactful listing improvements you can make today.
  • Keyword Manager – Track your most important keyword analytics in one simple-to-use dashboard.
  • Listing Builder – Build a listing guaranteed to include your product’s most important keywords.


Viral Launch plans

Discount Codes: There is a 20% off coupon on the lifetime plan which is SHELDON.


ZonGuru has been integrated with all the useful tools and features which are required by the sellers to work effectively. Investment in the right product is all that is needed by the Amazon sellers. The insights are provided to the users and the feedback systems are highly automated.


  • Business Dashboard – Get hold of all your important Business Metrics instantly and easily in the dashboard. View the most important trends and metrics of Amazon business which is the most crucial aspect. With ZonGuru’s Business Dashboard, you can always be aware of how your business is performing.
  • IP Monitor – The IP Monitor helps protect your Amazon products from the theft of intellectual property related to the photos of your products. An alert can be programmed when someone uses a photo identical to yours, retouched or not.
  • Product Monitor – Remain in control of your business at all times, Receive instant alerts on any product review or any type of listing hijack and remain in control of your business. It can also keep track of your competitor’s listings so you have a better understanding of what your competitors are doing and take measures accordingly.


Zonguru offers a pricing model in which the prices vary according to the type and volume of the tools you wish to opt for. For the initial trial, you can test all of the available features for free before purchasing a plan for a week without requiring a credit card.

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It is a monitoring tool for Amazon sellers with an MWS software. Amazon allows them to use their real-time data in order to provide KPIs which will increase the performance of your business.


  • Monitor Hijackers
  • Listing Issues
  • ASIN Change Notifications
  • Listing and Product Detail Pages
  • FBA Fee Overcharges
  • Shipment Reminders

Pricing: A free trial is available. Bindwise offers a paid plan at just $19 per month sending you up to 100 alerts a day.

Discount Codes:

Inventory Lab

With the Stratify tool from InventoryLab, you can research products, list your items competitively, keep track of your expenses & better handle your inventory. There also provide comprehensive reports to enable you to see what suppliers, categories & products are most profitable. The app is also available on mobile devices.


  • Workflow for creating shipments
  • Analytics for income & expenses
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Reports on Revenue, Profit, ROI
  • Calculation breakdown.

Pricing: Pricing Plan starts from $49 per month to $490 per year

Trial Length is for 14 days.

Discount Codes: Trial can be extended to 30 days with promo code FB30.


AMZShark is a popular tool for sellers who established on Amazon & are looking to scale up their business. The tool uses some of the best features in the industry that every Amazon seller should be using to meet their profit goals. Listings Scout is a tool to monitor product’s listing page. Compare listings that rank for a keyword & find weak spots in your own listing.


  • Sales Tracker – Accurately track the sales of almost any Amazon product, in any country.
  • Niche Scout – Niche Scout allows you to instantly get competitiveness & profitability scores for top ranking products in a given niche including the average number of reviews, the average monthly revenue, & more, at-a-glance.
  • Search Rankings Tracker – Find out exactly where specific products rank in Amazon’s search engine.
  • Keyword Explorer – Find hundreds of keywords that relate to your niche quickly & simply. Use these results in PPC campaigns, Amazon SEO & in-depth keyword research.
  • Competition Scout – Find out what keywords your competitors rank for, & discover which keywords you should target.
  • Review Alerts – Use Review Alerts for market research, investigate new niches & analyze customer desires
  • Supplier Scout – You can use this to find both non-Amazon competitors & potential suppliers who sell this product to merchants.


AMZshark offers a one month trial for new customers, after this, the subscription costs $299 per month, which automatically renews each month.

Discount Codes:

Seller app

It is a powerful eCommerce analytics tool that provides useful features & reports to allow Amazon sellers to derive actionable insights from their data. The solutions they feature are: product sales estimates, competitor tracking, identifying profitable keywords, listing optimization, & finding backend keywords for competitor’s listings.



  • Amazon MWS Connect
  • BSR Alert
  • Chrome Plugin
  • Email Support
  • Hijacker Alert
  • Inventory Alert
  • Keyword Genie
  • Keyword Index Alert
  • Price Alert
  • Product Ideas
  • Product Keyword Optimization
  • Product Watch
  • Promo Planner
  • Revenue Alert

Pricing: There is a free Trial period along with various plans available.









By quote

Discount Codes:


Spitly is the most popular listing optimization software for Amazon Sellers. Its features include algorithmic split testing, automated pricing optimization, keyword rank tracking, and many more.



  • Reliable Tracking – Accurate keyword rankings, updated daily.
  • Historical Data Reports – Rankings’ performance monitoring over a period of time
  • Time Saving – Rank tracking tracks multiple keywords, and prevents the hassle of manually researching the rankings.

Pricing: There are four different plans on a monthly basis

  • Starter plan at $ 42.30
  • Growth at $87.30
  • Business at $177.30
  • Enterprise at $447.30

Discount Codes:


It doesn’t matter whether you are just listing your first product or you are a seasoned seller with multiple products selling on Amazon. Competition is fierce on Amazon so it’s important to ensure your products stand out above the rest. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to get your listings on top of Amazon search results, and with multiple products required to make a sustainable business profit, it is imperative that you take the help of a highly sophisticated software tailormade for solving this very problem. I hope you found some useful tips & are able to zero in on the perfect listing optimization tool in this article and you can now improve your product listings in an efficient way. Good luck, wishing you every success!

Arbitrageinfo's Recommended Amazon Seller Tools:

All in One- Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Zonguru

Analytics- Viral Launch, Hello Profit

Product Research- AMZScout 

Keyword Research- AMZtracker 

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