KeyworX Review: Best Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker 2021

Keyword research is a necessary part of your Amazon product launch. Utilizing the time to assess the most vital keywords in your niche efficiently can increase your revenue chances. It’s going to position your product to be the best-ranked item for valuable search queries.

But it’s a science and an art!

If you’ve ever seen Amazon product listings with the super-long, keyword-stuffed, one-size-fits-all, uber-optimized product title, you may be surprised by what humans would browse such a title and be convinced to buy the product.

This is a legitimate question. Humans don’t naturally like long sentences.

But this is where Amazon’s algorithm comes in. Amazon’s algorithm finds value in those insanely worded titles.

To overcome this considerable gap, KeyworX built an amazon keyword rank tracker that eliminates all of the barriers and difficulty involved in analyzing your marketing strategies, giving you immediate and straightforward insights on how to scale up your rankings and profits!

KeyworX is a cloud-based solution that gives Amazon sellers an idea of what works and what does not work in their efforts to scale their products. The product breaks down any item’s organic rankings over a period of time. The product tracks the best 300 outcomes on Amazon for every individual keyword. Keywords are tracked and recorded daily, and the ranking positions of your tracked keywords are stored for 30 days. You can enter the ASINs and keywords of your rival, and they will be tracked and reported similarly. Organic keyword rankings are the only component that builds automatic, passive Amazon businesses.

The amazon rank tracker will track and report on natural keyword positions within Amazon. You can likewise legitimately observe what keywords bring about the most measure of deals and become increasingly proficient in your marketing for those keywords. The tool permits you to track autonomously and reverse engineer to know what marketing & promotional techniques have done for the seller so that the seller can scale up the profits.

The Vault is a private network inside KeyworX where they run contextual investigations on Amazon SEO and report back to the network on the outcomes. Each component you can consider is examined: keyword arrangements, copy the content, search terms, PPC, deals from outside sources versus inside natural inquiry, reviews, and their effect. Organic rankings, time on a listing page, a conversion rate of listing, and directly how these affect organic rankings and profitability.

With the KeyworX Amazon tracker, there’s no need to guess. With KeyworX Amazon tracker, you can automatically track and reverse engineer the promotional and promoting techniques that have already worked for you. After all, the sole goal you ought to have with Amazon is to increase your organic rankings.

Why Should You Do Keyword Rank Tracking when Selling Online?

There are many benefits of keyword rank tracking-

  • Keyword Tracking Helps You Identify What Works 

Keyword tracking is perhaps the ideal approach to check whether your endeavors are conveying the outcomes you’re searching for. On the off chance that you roll out an improvement and your rankings increment, that is presumably a change you should keep making. On the off chance that you roll out an improvement and your rankings remain static or diminishing, that particular undertaking is most likely not something you should keep on investing energy doing. 

  • Keyword Tracking Can Assist you Scale up your Profits. 

If you are tracking according to the correct data, you should analyze which pages and posts on your site drive the most audience. All things considered, while it’s ideal to scale your game up and watch the traffic move to ever-more prominent statues, expanding measures of traffic aren’t doing you a great deal of good if none of those guests is purchasing what you’re selling.

Keyword rank tracking can help you in various ways- 

  • Keyword-based product research gives you the direction of action so that you can stop wasting time on methodologies with poor or no returns and focus on the more practical and productive course.
  • It makes you find new topics to direct your research to and helps in broadening the field of your research to get more output and increase your productivity.
  • It manages the use of your time efficiently by increasing efficiency. 
  • It assists in getting a better place in keyword listing in search engines. 
  • It takes care of competition analysis for you, giving you an edge over your competitors. This helps you scale quickly and efficiently over your rivals.
  • Using keyword-based research, you can target the right audience as it lets you know what the potential customer is searching for.
  • Keyword-based research trains you to look for the right word for your product, thus giving you a life skill.
  • With this, you gain knowledge about PPC and SEO.
  • You can quickly get customer insights using keyword-based research and know what your customer’s demand is.

KeyworX Review: Product Features

It has been structured and constructed to recognize an urgent need that was not being satisfactorily satisfied in the market. Working in the Amazon ranking and marketing industry for years, it is created with the realization that businesses couldn’t affordably, reliably, and conveniently track & manage their keywords. While many Amazon seller analytics software existed, they were expensive, limited in features, and had a weak focus on user experience.

  • Track 1000’s of ASINs and be aware of any relevant changes while not having to go on Amazon.
  • Act confidently with 100% certainty that your listing changes improve your rank and that will with the confidence of one of the best amazon rank trackers available.
  • Analyze any product rank over time using KeyworX with its constant updates; even daily ranking can be analyzed.
  • Easy knowledge sorting and filters to figure your way with KeyworX easily and efficiently.
  • Some of the most correct and up so far keyword recommendations you will have encountered, creating it easy to search out profitable new keywords without wasting and.
  • KeyworX provides you with great tutorial videos and regular weblog posts that make it super simple to use.

How KeyworX Works?

The single-component that you need to establish a passive and automatic Amazon-based business is top rankings of your organic keywords. KeyworX was designed because of a demand for what wasn’t already being fulfilled.

Namely, it was challenging to rank and then to track keywords with any accuracy. In addition to that, there was no training, no tutorials, and zero case studies. Concerning how you would go about ranking a product on Amazon KeyworX was created. KeyworX permits you to understand what’s operating and what’s failing to work within your marketing efforts.

KeyworX Amazon ranks tracking apparatus tracks and reports the places of natural keywords in Amazon. Furthermore, with KeyworX, you can rapidly observe which keywords are giving the most deals. Thus, you would then be able to concentrate more endeavours on those specific keywords.

Learn What’s Working on Amazon. With this amazon listing optimization software, you can quickly create an assessment of your marketing to visualize if it is operating. In this way, you can eliminate any of your campaigns that are failing to bring you the results that you just need. You can reinvest your profits into those methods that are operating by scaling and through replication.

The first factor KeyworX allows you to do is to enter any Amazon keyword and find a listing of the top twenty ranking ASINs in that keyword, alongside a historical graph showing all of the ranking changes in the past ten days.

KeyworX Rank Tracking

You would then be able to enter a name for every item you need to follow (KeyworX suggests just putting the name of the item type followed by the ASIN, yet you can type anything you like).

You can enter up to five ASINs for the item (if there are varieties) and any keywords you’d splendidly like your item to be positioned for. This is intriguing enough with regards to itself and gives a picture of who the top players are in your specialty and who are relative newcomers.

However, the real power from the tool comes once you begin obtaining alerts for your chosen tracked keywords.

This permits KeyworX to give you frequent, automated refreshes at whatever point:

  • Your products’ rank will increase or decrease.
  • One of your top twenty competitors’ listings does the same.
  • A new competitor enters the top twenty.
  • An existing rival drops out of the top twenty.

KeyworX Tools and Solutions for Amazon, eBay, and Walmart Sellers

  • Keyword Tracker
  • #1 Amazon Rank Tracker
  • Analyze Your Marketing

KeyworX Review: Advantages, Pros, and USPs

  • It is the best and most powerful rank tracking software system you will have encountered.
  • There was a lack of high-quality tutorials, training, case studies, and other educational resources that made it simple and easy to rank a product in Amazon. An excellent range of tutorials in the kind of blog posts and an easy video that lays everything out.
  • Get immediate insights from every single thing you or your competitors do, usually knowing if a competitor’s strategy is functioning before they do.
  • Elegant style and easy to control information.
  • Flexible pricing plans that are suitable for everyone.

KeyworX Review: Pricing Plans

It has six pricing plans starting from $27 onwards.

  • TESTER- Can Track up to 200 Keywords. This plan costs $27 per month.
  • BASIC- Can track up to 500 Keywords. This plan can be subscribed to a monthly fee of $47.
  • STANDARD- It can be used to track up to 1000 Keywords. This pack can be owned for a monthly subscription of $97.
  • PRO- PRO can be used to track up to 2500 Keywords. It comes for a monthly subscription of $197.
  • EXPERT- Expert can track up to 5000 keywords for you. This plan costs $297 for a monthly subscription.
  • CUSTOM- You can design the custom plan. For developing a custom plan, you can contact the KeyworX team.

KeyworX Review: Coupon Codes

Visit their website and register with KeyworX to know about their discounts and coupon codes.

KeyworX Trial Plan

KeyworX accompanies a twenty-day free trial with no card subtleties required, which is sufficiently liberal to let you evaluate both the software itself and set up specific alerts to perceive how it functions after some time.

KeyworX Alternatives and Competitors List

  • Reviewbox
  • A2X
  • inkFrog
  • Jungle Scout
  • Sellics
  • Teikametrics
  • Feedvisor
  • Helium 10
  • AMZ.One
  • Camelcamelcamel
  • MerchantWords
  • Repricerexpress
  • Terapeak


For new Amazon sellers, and even for some experienced ones, optimized listings and trying to get better ranks can sometimes be a guessing game, and also techniques that are proven because other amazon seller tools may not work.

KeyworX removes the guesswork and makes pursuing the top position a basic science – something Amazon apparatuses have been professing to accomplish for some time.

Its best piece is just knowing which of your showcasing strategies are working and having the certainty to reinvest, copy and scale them.

Marketing speaks about increasing profits by 2000%. While this depends on the demand for your product type and isn’t always plausible, it has managed to get very close to that number for some of their clients, so they do mean it.

All of the primary marketing techniques for Amazon are worth considering and can help you to get more profits. Still, organic rankings will always be the most reliable route to long-term profits and provide the best ROI.

Organic rankings can lead you to long-term accomplishments on Amazon. Individuals look in Amazon for items more regularly than in Google nowadays, and they purchase the first positioned item more generally than some others.

Think about that for a second.

If you win first place, you are the number one seller of that item in the world, on any platform, or at least have the positioning to be. KeyworX understands this and gives you the needed resources to accomplish it.

Let’s put this the most straightforward way it can be:

To grow and scale your Amazon business to its utmost potential and make long term profits, you need to rank in the top few results.

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