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Skubana Review: Best Multi-Channel Inventory Management & ERP Software 2020

Skubana deals with all back-end online business tasks out and out, including request preparing, transporting, stock administration, satisfaction by Amazon (FBA), merchant the executives, and examination. It is truly everything a seller would wish to create a successful and profitable business, regardless of if you’re selling on one channel or several. No longer will you be overwhelmed by searching for mistakes and overselling/underselling. It is brought together with an answer for controlling the whole internet business activity lifecycle without the need to stick together various programming. How many platforms have you tried and still had to supplement your workflow with spreadsheets?

  • True Multi-Channel, Multi-Warehouse Inventory Synchronization in real-time.
    • Endless amount of spreadsheets to manage the business.
    • Inventory updates supporting intelligent shipping zone & sales channel allocation rules.
  • Intuitive Order & Returns Processing.
    • Routing orders to multiple warehouses, making shipping flexible regardless of how a seller fulfils, including direct warehouse, 3PL (a company that gives warehousing services and logistics for your e-commerce), drop-shipping, and FBA.
    • Cluster transport and make modified pressing slips, return names, and messages, improving client support and maintenance.
  • Complete Vendor & Purchase Order Workflow.
    • Eliminate data entry errors with automated order creation supporting past product sell-through.
    • Replenish stock levels or dropship easily and quickly
  • Cross-Channel Analytics
    • provides commercial centre bits of knowledge to drive organizations forward. You can determine the most profitable channels and products.
    • Decide when to offload ill-performing inventory.

For new sellers on one channel, it’s essential to set the right foundation. For sellers selling on multiple marketplaces, Skubana can assist you in organizing your business and assisting you in making smart decisions to grow. Skubana is a circulated request to the executive’s stage driving satisfaction, stock, and business knowledge for brands hoping to accomplish multi-channel benefits. Skubana synchronizes information from deals channels, distribution centers, 3PLs, POS frameworks, and all the more so vendors can remain concentrated on giving the best client experience.

Why Should You Do Inventory Management when Selling Online?


1. Proficiency and Productivity in Operations 

Keeping stock methods tying up your cash in them. You can’t go through this cash. 

It would be best if you had productivity in dealing with your stock levels, so your business is income positive. 

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Likewise, examination and reports can enable you to perceive what products are selling quickly through your various deals channels. This encourages you to settle on more intelligent buying choices, and you may have the option to recognize a pattern or two! 

This is significant for wellbeing, magnificence, and pharmaceutical products. 

All these are conceivable with an inventory management arrangement. 

2. Limit Costs, Maximize Sales and Profits 

So you have a multi-channel, web-based business arrangement with deals spilling in from on the web and disconnected stores? 

You have to manage arrangements over your business channels. Along these lines, you can limit the loss of deals when, state, you have to restock the following enormous thing for the Christmas season. 

Limit Costs, Maximize Sales and Profits – Benefits of Inventory Management 

Inventory control is necessary for the event that you need to limit the conveying expenses of holding stock. Keeping stock in stockrooms is costly! 

Conveying costs, for example, stockpiling expenses, protection, charges, robbery, cataclysmic events, and passing crazes, can all conceivably eat into your benefits. 

3. Coordination of the Entire Business 

Suppose your agent brings a deal to a close and makes a business request. Inventory management programming lets the remainder of your organization work with it as it advances from deals to satisfaction. 

4. Computerization of Manual Work

No one needs to be going around doing manual entry of stats and information or complicated manual analysis for each product bought. It’s ideal for letting programming to robotize these basic undertakings for you. 

Do scanner tag examining innovation. Make deals arranges straight away by filtering the things in the shipment. Or on the other hand dispatch products in a shipment by checking them as well. 

Some fundamental issues wholesalers and merchants come across is analyzing the count of landed expenses. 

Inventory management platform should consequently part landed expenses by the extent of the buy cost of the product, sparing your time, exertion, and slip-ups. 

Client checkout their buys utilizing an online cart. Buys naturally show up as deals arrange in your framework. This spares you selling time and unnecessary information reemergence. 

5. Keeping Customers Happy! 

Keep your Customers Happy – Benefits of Inventory Management 

Indeed, it lessens your opportunity to satisfaction for a beginning. With an inventory management framework, you’re ready to keep quick selling products in stock (from your examination and reports recall?) and satisfy them right away. 

A dealer with prepared stock to deliver right away? Or on the other hand, one that takes 2–5 days to arrange stock before transporting it out? A client that gets a request rapidly is undoubtedly upbeat. 

Your framework should deal with these thoughtfully. Moment bolster fulfilment!

Skubana Review: Product Features

  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Order Tracking
  • Cloud Storage

How Skubana Works?

With the trust of the top sellers invested in the product. Skubana acts as the spine of all the vital operations. It unites all the tools for business automation, repetitive tasks. Broken platforms have been in the e-commerce field for long enough. Sellers have come to simply accept that compiling together software, running complicated procedures, and viewing incomplete data can never be changed.

The integrated platform of Skubana contradicts these notions and provides sellers something they’ve never had or experienced before. It is a centralized platform with a single source of truth for all your data and operations. Skubana provides requests, stock and business strategy for the world’s renowned brands and sellers.

  • Unify Your Operations– Interface and import orders from each channel you sell on, including web-based shopping baskets, commercial centres, retailers, and retail location frameworks.
  • Automate Everything- Let Orderbots work for you even rate-shopping progressively and applying the best or least expensive delivery rates. Let Skubana automatically create and adjust PO’s supported sales velocity, lead times, and seasonality. Forestall overselling, negative surveys, and potential market suspension through amazing stock distribution rules.
  • Make Smart Decisions- Know actual profit of each SKU that represents all expenses, from settlement answers to FIFO esteems, to your business overhead costs. Leveraging Skubana’s continuous alerts that show where the price is often cut, and the way profits are often gained for every product. Forecast confidently by using predictive analytics that reveals trends and predicts what is going to happen before it happens.
  • Customize & Extend- Personalize your workflows using a fully-open REST API.Plugin immediate functionality using our App Store that gives ready-to-go components. Access the enormous accomplice system of designers and offices prepared to take your tasks to the next level.

Integrates with

  • Amazon,
  • Walmart,
  • inventory planner,
  • Joor,
  • EDI

Skubana Tools and Solutions for Amazon, eBay, and Walmart Sellers

Unification begins by interfacing Skubana to your business channels, satisfaction strategies, and instruments. When your frameworks are bound together, Skubana synchronizes your information and tasks in manners they may never get to all alone. You operate everything from a unified platform—the wellspring of truth.

Multi-warehouse order fulfilment Consequently, pull in your cross channel arranges and relegate your requests to your distribution centres.

  • In-house Fulfillment
  • Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
  • Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Multi-Channel Fulfillment
  • Dropship.

Order bots
Create IF/THEN statements to automate repetitive tasks.

  • Set Warehouse
  • Set Order Weight & Dimension
  • Set Shipping Service & Features
  • Add Order Details

Shipping rates calculator
Calculate multiple shipping rates to select the first affordable shipping service.

  • Zip to Zip.
  • Selected Order

Purchase amazon postage
Print dispatching marks through Amazon’s “Purchase Shipping Services” straightforwardly through Skubana.

  • Rate Amazon’s “Buy Shipping Services”
  • Merchant Fulfilled Prime

Return label
Set multiple pick locations for fulfilment.

  • Print Return Labels
  • Pay-on-Use Return Labels
  • Manage Returns
  • Audit Costs

True inventory count
Maintain a real overall inventory count in one location by building your product database as they exist in your warehouse(s) no matter how they sell.

  • Master SKU vs Listing SKU
  • Automatic Inventory Update

Core vs bundle/kit inventory
Offer stock from a centre item without having to pre-bundle packages or units.

  • Maximum Possible Bundle/Kit Inventory
  • Breakdown Inventory View
  • MCF Using Core Products

Multi-warehouse inventory
Forestall underselling and overselling stock by dealing with different stockrooms remembering For House Fulfillment, 3PL, Drop–Ship, and FBA in one location.

  • Connect FTP Feed
  • Excluded Warehouses.
  • Share FBA Inventory with FBM Listings

Overselling/underselling prevention
Set inventory allocations of per cent of available inventory. It is done to determine on a per sales channel basis when the master SKU is either above or below its overall inventory minimum.

  • Overselling Prevention
  • Underselling Prevention
  • Channel Allocation

Multiple pick locations
Set multiple pick locations for fulfilment.

  • In-House Fulfillment
  • Preferred FBA Fulfillment SKU
  • Barcoding

Intuitive order processing

  • Route orders to multiple warehouses, making shipping flexible regardless of how a seller fulfils.
  • Bulk-breaking: Break down large shipments to satisfy orders on multiple channels.

Returns management

Automated orders and vendor workflow

  • Offer your FBA Inventory to your shipper satisfied postings.
  • Interface FTP Feed with 1-click incorporations to your Third Party Logistics (3PL) or drop-shipper FTP server. Set run times to consequently import stock and shipment details and export orders.
  • Eliminate data entry errors with automated order creation supported past product sell-through.

Products analytics
Cut expenses by selling “dead” items and increment benefit by concentrating on higher-performing items.

  • Top Sellers
  • Worst Sellers
  • Y-O-Y Growth
  • SKU Profitability
  • Listing Profitability
  • Trending Profitability

Inventory analytics
Keep an account of purchasing decisions to manage cash flow tied to inventory value properly.

  • Snapshot Value
  • Trending Value
  • Performance
  • Critical Levels
  • Replenishment Alerts
  • Fulfilled by Amazon Forecasting

Orders analytics
Achieve a balanced cross channel selling strategy. Create marketing and operations methodologies based on accurate order data.

  • Sales Overview
  • Biggest Tickets
  • Shipments

Customers analytics
Run re-marketing drip campaigns supported historical customer data. Create a loyal client base and educate how to get new clients.

  • Lifetime Value
  • Biggest Spenders
  • Most Frequent
  • Most Recent

Accounting analytics
Gain transparency into your cash and increase the efficiency of your financial and accounting processes.

  • Sales Summary
  • COGS By Channel
  • Inventory Value
  • Shipment Summary

Skubana Review: Advantages, Pros, and USPs

  • Multichannel Inventory Management- Skubana helps you track items in your inventory as well as the orders you are making. You can likewise import supplies from the distribution centre, send out requests, and handle shipments with only a few clicks. Skubana’s multichannel stock administration highlights assist you with keeping your stock over numerous distribution centres and branches composed, so you never forget about them.
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence Tools– Skubana also has business intelligence tools that let you track your revenue and stock levels. The application shows you the genuine benefit you are making just as shrouded misfortunes. Skubana also shows you a report on gross margins and unit margins. You can use these smart tools and analytics to know where you can cut investments and how can you sell more.
  • Skubana Dashboard- The Skubana dashboard is the first thing you see during the login process. It is where you can see all the analyses of your business, including stock levels, requests, and satisfaction. These reports will assist you in evaluating the strength of your business in one look. You will also be able to gain insights into which areas you can improve to optimize profit and cut costs.
  • Skubana engages you to bring all your internet business instruments together on one concentrated cloud stage. Along these lines, all that you have to deal with your business is helpfully under one rooftop.
  • Local delivery integrations offer a satisfaction arrangement that integrates with inventory across several channels.
  • Automation functions are dependent on order and deal with information over various deals channels.

Skubana Review: Pricing Plans

Skubana doesn’t make that excessively clear on their site. They simply have a structure for you to fill in. They’ll at that point email you a customized quote. They request some essential individual data just as a couple of insights concerning your business. It’s a compact structure; you ought to have the option to round it out in no time. But, from what we can glean from other review sites, its been seen reports of starting prices as high as $1,950 per month! This will qualify you for a large number of clients and deals channels, access to ALL of Skubana’s highlights, and a devoted ‘Execution Specialist’ and ‘Records Manager.’

Skubana Review: Coupon Codes

For Coupon codes and discount, register with Skubana.

Skubana Trial Plan

Skubana doesn’t offer a trial plan you have to subscribe to them to get a quoted price.

Skubana Alternatives and Competitors List

  • Pulse Commerce Order & Inventory Platform
  • Everest
  • EazyStock
  • Warehousing and Logistics Management Software
  • MDIT Inventory Management System
  • Ezeetrak
  • My Inventory Online
  • Billbee
  • Inventory Control
  • Optimiza
  • VIN Studio
  • Inventory Management
  • Mi9 Merchant
  • IMS


Top sellers trust this platform in the field of e-commerce. Skubana goes about as a unified centre point for their activities, binding together all the devices they have to maintain the business, and mechanizing monotonous undertakings. It’s an across the board device offering continuous inventory administration, various warehouse dealing with, and investigation to assist you with settling on beneficial choices. It very well may be trying to realize which apparatus to use for which part of web-based business. This platform will give you an edge over rivals. When you combine your business operations with these tools, you’ll likely see a positive impact on your business.

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