10 Best Arbitrage Software Tools for Indian Market [FREE]: 2023

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Last updated on January 18th, 2023 at 05:45 am

When you hear the term arbitrage, the thing which comes to our minds mostly is the difference in prices because it is the most basic connotation of arbitrage. An arbitrage seller can attempt to make profit by buying an item from Amazon and selling the same item at eBay at a higher price to enjoy the price difference. Similarly, an arbitrage exists in stock trading as well, and in this case, the traders do not have to deal with any physical or tangible goods. If we talk about stock trading, then what comes into the minds of arbitrage enthusiasts is arbitraging the price difference between the NSE and BSE in India. Another arbitrage option that, although rare, has also been found to be genuinely effective and is arbitraging between the spot and the futures market. But the best part is, you would not have to do a thing because arbitrage software tools would be your constant companion.

Understanding Arbitrage Opportunities in India

But do you think you would be able to accomplish this task of hunting for shares and trading them and still make a profit? To achieve this task, you would have to grip on the numerous arbitrage opportunities existing in India.

Ideal assets for arbitrage: To conduct arbitrage business, you would have to look for assets that are not priced the same at all the exchanges. The second thing is if you can predict the future price of a stock and the stock’s current price is lower than that, you can make the most of arbitrage.

Arbitrage is not an intraday task: Although the idea of buying a stock from NSE and selling the same stock on BSE on the same day might sound lucrative, it does not work that way. If you attempt to do that, you might get a penalty of short selling in the exchange you sold in, which is BSE in this case.

Price of arbitrage is not equal to the last traded price: If you see a price difference of a particular stock between two or more options, don’t jump right to conclude that it is an arbitrage opportunity. An arbitrage opportunity exists when you will have a lower offer price and a higher bid price in either trading platform.

Free Arbitrage Software Tools for Indian Market

With the help of these free arbitrage tools, online sellers can find profitable arbitrage opportunities in India effortlessly. You can sell your products on Amazon via FBA and earn ongoing revenue.

1. Helium 10: Best Amazon Arbitrage Software for Indian Sellers

Helium 10

One of the finest tools for arbitrage traders, Helium 10 has become quite popular within the Indian territory. It is probably because the team of Helium 10 always releases new updates and features and enables sellers to avail themselves these without paying anything extra. Most arbitrage traders usually start their journey using Helium 10 because it has a brand name in the arbitrage tool segment.

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  • With the help of advanced email automation features, you can strain out all the negative customer reviews from your seller account.
  • Now you would be able to know about the peak season of a specific product.

Pricing: You can use the solutions of Helium 10 for free.

What users loved the most: navigate the tool, and you would be able to compare your performance with those of your competitors.

2. Camelcamelcamel: Best Amazon Price Tracker for Indian Market

If you are having trouble keeping up with the dynamic price changes of several products across numerous eCommerce sites, then Camelcamelcamel is just the tool you need. This tool alerts you about the recent price changes of items so that you can decide to trade in them. Arbitrage sellers and most eCommerce sellers widely use this tool because it offers effective price alerts just in time.


  • Sellers would get to analyze the price history graphs of all their product searches.
  • Camelcamelcamel offers an extension named Camelizer for browsers which makes the entire process super easy.

Pricing: Free for both shoppers and arbitrage sellers.

What users loved the most: All the wishlisted products are accompanied by price charts.

Best Arbitrage Software Tools for Indian Market

If you want to begin your arbitrage trading journey by investing in the features of the best arbitrage tools for the Indian market, here are some recommendations for you:

3. OAGenius: Best Dropshipping Arbitrage Software in India

This software tool empowers arbitrage owners by offering them opportunities to grow their businesses. For starters, it will assist you in managing bulk orders so that you don’t forget to ship any. You can also print invoices with the help of this tool to make things look a bit easy and manageable.


  • The tool allows you to source real-time opportunities related to dropshipping arbitrage.
  • After downloading the OA chrome extension, you would be able to view profitable opportunities as soon as you enter into an eCommerce website.

Pricing: The cheapest plan starts at $175/month.

What users loved the most: You can also make the most of the price monitoring features of this tool.

4. BQool Repricing Central: Best Repricing Tool for Indian Market

If you want a tool that will monitor the price drops of numerous products on sites like Amazon, then BQool is your best mate. As soon as it finds that the price of a particular product has dropped, it will alert you to take immediate action. You will get the alert either through your browser or through email, regardless of the device you are using and the place you are in.


  • Sellers can get hold of several reporting and analytical tools to assess the performance of their business.
  • The tool also offers repricing histories so that you can make better buying decisions.
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Pricing: Extremely affordable for the Indian sellers as the plan starts from only $25/month.

What users loved the most: You can stalk the moves and strategies of your competitors and implement those if necessary.

5. Upstox Pro: Best Arbitrage Trading Software for Indian Market

This is a web-based trading platform that is ideal for Indian arbitrage sellers. As the tool is designed using HTML5, it is well known for its high speed and ease. With the help of this software, you can trade across numerous segments like futures, options, and stocks in the Indian market.


  • Arbitrage traders looking for a super-fast trading experience would find this tool extremely useful.
  • Also, the platform allows users to customize several features according to their preferences.

Pricing: The best part is that this tool is free.

What users loved the most: The charting tools are powerful, and users would apply over 100 technical indicators.

6. Zerodha Kite: Best Stock Arbitrage Trading Software for Indian Market

It is one of the web-based applications designed by a premium stockbroker of India, Zerodha. It is also built using robust HTML5 technology, and therefore, the tool is lightweight, easy to use, and the users would not have to install any software. Today, the company claims to have over 800,000 customers every day and processes 200 million requests daily.


  • The tool is available in over ten regional languages, including Benga, Oriya, Punjabi.
  • If you want to monitor trade prices before investing, use the search feature to scan the prices of financial products across multiple platforms.

Pricing: Various pricing plans are available based on your requirements and the size of your business.

What users loved the most: This application works smoothly even when your internet bandwidth is low.

7. Sensibull: Best Options Trading Platform for Indian Market

Sensibull is an options trading tool designed on the Kite platform, and therefore if you can access Sensibull from Kite as well. Numerous arbitrage traders love the software because it offers a plethora of features for free. One of the best things about Sensibull is that you access the upcoming events calendar and thus be prepared to trade.


  • First-time traders can start with ‘EasyOptions’ to minimize their risks.
  • Click on the ‘OptionsChain,’ and you will get clues about the market trends.
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Pricing: Most of the features are available without any cost.

What users loved the most: Use the FII DII data feature to trade with foreign investors and know about their activities.

8. Optionbingo: Best Options Trading Platform for Indian Market

Although Optionbingo is a startup, it has created a robust customer base within a few years. With the help of this platform, traders would trade across diverse markets, including neutral, bull, and bear markets, and make an enormous profit.


  • This tool will alert you about the risks before attempting to trade any options.
  • Traders can even protect their stocks and ensure them from the downside.

Pricing: The pricing plan starts from just INR 699/month.

What users loved the most: With the help of the tool called ‘strategy finder,’ you can find strategies to make maximum profit from a stock.

9. Algoji: Best Futures Trading Platform for Indian Market

The APIBridge from Algogi assures sellers by providing them with custom strategies or following the footsteps of the world’s top investors. APIBridge allows sellers to trade with intelligence by offering them order, portfolio, and risk management plans.


  • You would be able to reduce your trading costs associated with each order.
  • Also, you would be able to integrate APIBridge in multiple platforms like AmiBroker, NinjaTrader, MT4.

Pricing: The subscription charge starts from INR 750/month.

What users loved the most: Traders can make the most of the charts to view stock options.

Some of the options of arbitrage software for the Indian market, some for stock trading, and others for essential arbitrage selling. Make sure to be in sync with your business aim before choosing the perfect arbitrage tool for your business based in India.

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