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Best Keyword Research Tools for Amazon Sellers

Most people on Amazon search for a particular product by a simple search. The terms that they use are the keywords. Keywords thus serve as the connectors from the shopper’s search bar to the product page. So It is really important as a seller to first understand the keywords that your target users use frequently to search for your products. Once that is done, you need to implement those keywords into the content of your product listings. Using the right keywords in your Amazon listing means that you are speaking the same language as your customers. By using the keywords in your listing, your product can be organically seen on the results page when the customer has searched for it. The goal is to optimize the use of keywords further & try & rank higher up on this page because quite frankly users don’t scroll down that much & instantly get a negative perception on products that appear far down the results page.

Here are a few tools that will make things easier for you.

Top Keyword Research Tool of 2019 for Amazon Sellers

Helium 10

Magnet2 is an amazing keyword research tool where you can enter a keyword or keyword phrase into Magnet to receive hundreds of potential keywords to optimize your listing. It helps you to find the most valuable keywords for your product by using a basic “seed” keyword. Refine the research with customized search results using advanced filters, sort your keyword list with criteria that are relevant to the listing & filter by word count, search volume, number of competing products, & many more.


  • Black Box – Black Box provides a database of over 450 million active Amazon products where you can search to increase potential selling opportunities.
  • Index Checker – This tool generally allows all the sellers to simply figure out which of their backend & frontend keyword terms that are generally indexed by the Amazon & which are not.
  • Keyword Tracker – This tool allows you to simply keep a log of the changes that you have actually made right in your marketing & optimization efforts.
  • Alerts – This hijacker alert lets you keep track of anyone barging in your site.
  • Inventory Protector – The inventory protector tool allows you to set limits on quantities that can be purchased for certain items so that the coupon code abuse or anti-competitive behavior does not affect you adversely.


Helium 10 pricing

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Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout helps all the Amazon sellers to analyze & sort through the long list of Amazon products in order to discover which ones will be the most profitable & help you achieve a steady flow of income from your business. It has a comprehensive keyword research tool that provides you with an idea of competitiveness & demand which will help you determine if more research should be done, or if a different product should be found.


  • Single User Account
  • Daily & Monthly Sales
  • Monthly Revenue
  • Rating & Review Tracking
  • Category & Seller Ranking
  • Historical Sales & Pricing
  • Estimated FBA Fees
  • Product Opportunity Score
  • Listing Quality Score

Pricing: The effective product research tool added to the Chrome browser is a risk-free extension with14-day money-back guarantee. Accurate Amazon product research data added to your Chrome browser at $39 billed monthly.


AMZ Tracker is a comprehensive tool that will be of immense assistance to Amazon sellers & has a plethora of useful features, some of which they are pioneers.


  • Concurrent users are no issue
  • On-page listing analyzer
  • Sales tracking & product promotions
  • Competitor analysis
  • Negative review alerts
  • Alerts Listing Hijacks
  • Keyword research tool
  • Promo voucher management
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • Super URLs
  • Keyword Tracking


Viral launch

With their Amazon Keyword Research Tool, you can save time finding hundreds of relevant keywords with an advanced relevancy filter & boost your Amazon sales with tons of hidden keywords your competitors are missing!

viral launch


  • Automated Keyword Discovery
  • Keyword Search Volumes
  • Index Checker
  • Sponsored Rank Tracker
  • Hourly Keyword Tracking
  • Product Compare
  • Product Notifications
  • Best Seller Detection
  • Suggested CPC Bid
  • Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Keyword Notifications
  • Deep Product Analysis
  • Sales, Price, & Reviews

Pricing: There is a 20% off coupon on the lifetime plan which is SHELDON.


Egrow analyzes several hundreds of products in the Amazon marketplace & aggregates sales data in easy-to-understand charts & panels on a daily basis. It will also save your time in keyword research & help you find products that you can easily sell.


  • It provides highly accurate estimated sales data
  • It offers the biggest database of daily-scanned products from Amazon.
  • Its super-fast.
  • It has preloaded keywords & positions in organic Amazon search results.
  • Egrow’s user interface is intuitive & easy to use.
  • All the workflow happens within one application no need for other browser extensions or tools.
  • You can access up to 90 days of product history changes (sales, price, review, keyword)


There are four packages available for Egrow users:

  • Basic Plan which is offered free for 5 products & 5 keywords research over 11markets. Chrome extension is available in this plan.
  • Standard Plan is $16 per month.
  • Plus Plan is $22 per month.
  • Premium is $28 per month which is their best-suited plan for enterprises.


ASINspector is one of the best Amazon product research tools that is aimed at helping sellers to find popular products. The unique features offered by it enable sellers to find the cost & availability of products on AliExpress, Alibaba & eBay, so as to optimize their supply chain. It comes with a comprehensive keyword research tool.


  • Best Seller Rank
  • Revenue estimator
  • Product review statistics
  • Sales data for third party websites such as Walmart
  • Favorite searches
  • Keyword search
  • Mobile product scanner
  • Filtering,
  • ASIN import
  • Related keywords list builder.
  • Estimated Monthly Sales & Revenue
  • Buy Box Seller


ASINspector Pro is free which gives:

  • Unlimited Data
  • Instant Sales Estimates
  • Daily Sales Estimates
  • Monthly Sales Estimates
  • Best Seller Rankings
  • Daily Sales Estimates
  • Monthly Sales Estimate

There is also an annual plan of $147 to be paid one time & $10 every month for seasoned sellers.


Having a lot of inventory makes it difficult to keep track of all the items. Trendle enables you to learn what keywords will fetch you the best results so that you can monitor product listings & predict what will sell & what will not & optimize the listings accordingly.


  • Available For All Marketplaces
  • Automatic Emails
  • FBA Reimbursements
  • Advertising Performance
  • Product & Seller Reviews
  • Profitability Analytics
  • Inventory Analytics
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Split testing


There is a free trial period of 30 days.

  • $10 a month for new Amazon sellers (less than 100 orders shipped to date)
  • $50 a month for all other sellers for all features
  • An additional 10% commission is charged for using the FBA reimbursement managed service


AMZShark is an amazing tool for Amazon sellers who are already established players on the Amazon marketplace & need to scale up their sales. This tool uses some of the industry-leading features that every seller should be using to meet their business goals.


  • Sales Tracker – Accurately track the sales of almost any Amazon product, in any country.
  • Niche Scout – Niche Scout allows you to instantly get competitiveness & profitability scores for top ranking products in a given niche including the average number of reviews, the average monthly revenue, & more, at-a-glance.
  • Search Rankings Tracker – Find out exactly where specific products rank in Amazon’s search engine.
  • Keyword Explorer – Find hundreds of keywords that relate to your niche quickly & simply. Use these results in PPC campaigns, Amazon SEO & in-depth keyword research.
  • Listings Scout – See every facet of a product’s listing page. You can use this information to refine your own page & boost your presence in Amazon’s search engine. Compare listings that rank for a keyword & find weak spots in your own listing.
  • Keyword Comparison – Easily compare & contrast up to 20 keywords at once, useful for identifying profitable sub-niches.
  • Hijacking Alerts – Receive automatic email alerts when a competitor steals the Buy Box from your listing.
  • Super URLs – Super URLs can be used to help increase your search ranking on Amazon. Direct customers to your products using these links, & each purchase made via Super URLs will boost your ranking in whichever keywords you choose.
  • Feedback Alerts – Automatically monitor your Seller Feedback, with automatic email alerts allowing you to stay on top of any negative comments.
  • Competition Scout – Find out what keywords your competitors rank for, & discover which keywords you should target.
  • Review Alerts – Use Review Alerts for market research, investigate new niches & analyze customer desires
  • Supplier Scout – You can use this to find both non-Amazon competitors & potential suppliers who sell this product to merchants.

Pricing: AMZshark offers a one month trial for new customers, after this, the subscription costs $299 per month, which automatically renews each month.


SellerSprite is an awesome software for Amazon sellers featuring a complete list of tools to discover products, strengthen SEO, marketing, track product metrics & progress.



  • A large database with over 20M products each month, the sales data & data metrics are the most accurate.
  • Competitor Lookup tool enable seller get an insight into the price, BSR, review, rating, hijacker, deals, sales, etc trends of competitors.
  • Product Discovery tool enables the seller to find potential products based on the criteria set, like sales growth rate, etc.
  • Market Research tool helps the seller find untapped markets based on market capacity, trends, competitive, volatility, etc.


Discount Codes: Coupon code with 35% off (yearly plan): HOME75

Coupon code with 20% off (monthly plan): SSWL80


Merchantwords is an Amazon Keyword Research Advance Tool which will help you find the right buyers for your products, making it possible to sell more just by adapting your strategy of keywords.


  • ASIN Plus – A reverse ASIN tool including top ranking keywords for your competition, along with supply data directly from Amazon.
  • Classic Search
  • Collections – Keyword lists to group your searches.
  • Keyword History Analysis Panel – Merchant Words historic data goes back as long as a year.
  • Keyword Multiplier – A tool to generate related, complementary, & synonymous keywords.
  • Page 1 – The first page results directly from the Amazon categories so you can find great opportunities.
  • Listing optimization

Pricing: There are three MerchantWords plans that the sellers can avail:

  • United States for just $30 per month or $300 a year.
  • Global for just $60 a month or $600 a year.
  • Other Countries for $15 a month, or $150 a year.

Discount Codes (If Any)


Its a powerful eCommerce analytics tool that offers usable features & reports to enable Amazon sellers to derive actionable insights from their data. The solutions they provide are: product sales estimates, competitor tracking, identifying profitable keywords, listing optimization, & finding backend keywords for competitor’s listings.



  • Amazon MWS Connect
  • BSR Alert
  • Chrome Plugin
  • Email Support
  • Hijacker Alert
  • Inventory Alert
  • Keyword Genie
  • Keyword Index Alert
  • Price Alert
  • Product Ideas
  • Product Keyword Optimization
  • Product Watch
  • Promo Planner
  • Revenue Alert

Pricing: There is a free Trial period along with various plans available.









By quote


KeyWorx has a rankings software that automatically tracks the marketing and promotional techniques through the most relevant keywords that helps increase the organic ranking of your Amazon products.


  • Keyword Optimization.
  • Keyword Tracking.
  • Keyword Management.
  • Listing Optimization.
  • Organic Keyword Optimization.
  • Search Rankings Tracker.

Pricing: You can start a 14-day FREE trial with KeyWorx . Pricing starts at $27 per month, it is inclusive of up to 200 keywords.

Per Month Payment Number of Keywords
$47 500 keywords
$97 1000 keywords
$197 2500 keywords
$297 5000 keywords

Discount Codes (If Any)


Keyword Tool is a platform for keyword research that helps to discover keywords while searching on Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, and App Store.


  • Ideas that are frequently searched in YouTube, Bing, Amazon, etc.
  • Search most recently used keywords.
  • Filters like language, location, and Google country domain


Discount Codes (If Any)


With the right Amazon keyword research strategy using the right tool, you’ll make your products visible to more relevant customers than ever before. Additionally, if you have well-optimized product titles & product details pages, you will convert that increased visibility into clicks & ultimately to conversions at an impressive rate.

Keyword research leads to higher visibility, this, in turn, gets you more clicks, which further leads to more conversions, which further improves search rankings, & it becomes a positive feedback loop. Thus choosing the Amazon keyword research tool that best suits your needs is perhaps the best way to boost your Amazon sales.

Arbitrageinfo's Recommended Amazon Seller Tools:

All in One- Helium 10, Sellics, Zonguru

Analytics- Viral Launch, Hello Profit

Product Research- AMZScout 

Keyword Research- AMZtracker 

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