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7 Best Amazon Seller Chrome Extensions of 2020

Businesses are expanding at a much faster pace than we can imagine. Starting from launching online stores to the geographical expansion of business through partnering with various other firms, companies are making the most of available tools. The Google Chrome extensions allows software tools to successfully layer over web pages. Extensions work as small software programs that allow you to customize your browsing experience. An extension enables you to design and add more functionality to your web browser, without diving intensely into native code. Almost every other business is harnessing the power of innovative extensions and using them to facilitate business operations.

7 Best Amazon Seller Chrome Extensions of 2019

Here is a list of 7 best Amazon Seller Tools with Chrome Extensions. Take a look at the top ones..

#1 Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Helium 10 aims to provide Amazon sellers with a comprehensive software suite that addresses their business maintenance and sales growth needs. The tools that are offered in the extension will enable the users to refine the product research by validating potential product opportunities so that they can make better sourcing decisions, plan for seasonality, estimate your profits, and revolutionize your competitor research.

Helium 10

Helium 10 Features:

The useful tools available in the Helium 10 Chrome extension are:

X-Ray – A powerful Amazon product research tool that provides statistical data on over 450 million active Amazon products.

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ASIN Grabber – Discover which competing 100 products are ranking for the desired keywords.

Profitability Calculator – You can monitor the statistics you need to know to be profitable selling a specific kind of product.

Inventory Level – Check how much stock your competitors have and when they might run out.

Review Downloader – Find out what customers are saying about your competitors to efficiently find several other ways to improve your product.

Helium 10 Pricing

Being one of the most versatile platforms in the industry, Helium 10 offers a wide range of pricing plans.

Helium 10 Discount Codes

If you are a regular Amazon seller and looking to expand it will be beneficial for you to start with regular plans of Helium 10 as the free plan might not cater to your needs. Hence check here the various Helium 10 discounts and coupons offered to benefit sellers like you.


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#2 Egrow Chrome Extension

Egrow analyzes millions of products in the Amazon marketplace and aggregates sales data in easy-to-understand charts and panels on a daily basis. It will save your time in market analysis and help you find products that you can easily sell. The Chrome plug-in that they have created can be simply downloaded and installed with the Google Chrome browser. You can register a free Egrow account. Using your login details from the Egrow website, simply login inside the extension window after the installation.


Egrow Features

  • It provides highly accurate estimated sales data
  • It offers the biggest database of daily-scanned products from Amazon.
  • It is super-fast.
  • It has preloaded keywords and positions in organic Amazon search results.
  • Egrow’s user interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  • All the workflow happens within one application no need for other browser extensions or tools.
  • You can access up to 90 days of product history changes (sales, price, review, keyword)

Egrow Pricing

There are four packages available for Egrow users:

  • Basic Plan which is offered free for 5 products and 5 keywords research over 11markets. Chrome extension is available in this plan.
  • Standard Plan is $16 per month.
  • Plus Plan is $22 per month.
  • Premium is $28 per month which is their best-suited plan for enterprises.

We believe that Egrow is the faster and more accurate software and that is why we are confident to give it for free. All the payments are billed annually. You can test all features without any upfront payment or contracts.

Egrow Discount Codes (If Any)

We currently don’t have any exclusive discount codes available to our readers. However, we will update this section once we have some exclusive Egrow coupon codes available.

#3 Zonguru Chrome Extension

ZonGuru is a suite of powerful tools for seasoned Amazon sellers providing services like product research, eBay listing, email automation and more. Highlights include competitor sales volume tracking; eBay listing and order processing; sales rank tracking; keyword optimization; negative review notifications; buyer email automation and keyword rank tracking. The Zonguru Chrome Extension helps make product research a more intuitive process and gives you the tools to feel confident when deciding whether or not to invest in a new product.


  • Business Dashboard – Get hold of all your important Business Metrics instantly and easily in the dashboard. View the most important trends and metrics of Amazon business which is the most crucial aspect. With ZonGuru’s Business Dashboard, you can always be aware of how your business is performing.
  • Email Automator – It is really important for sellers to run promotional offers from time to time, specifically to existing customers. This tool helps you make beautiful emails, with built-in templates, and easy to use interface to add professional graphics, product pictures, company logo, etc. All this can be automated as to exactly when to send the emails, the emails also can be personalized by using Variable Substitution feature, so that it seems that every email is handwritten for the user. You can even add attachments automatically, and all these customizations help prevent your emails from being designated as spam. You can introduce new products, do after-sales follow-ups, and greatly enhance your overall customer experience
  • Keyword Tracker – Monitor the performance of your keywords. Use our Keyword Tracker to easily monitor where your products rank for important keywords. Amazon’s search engine is a gold mine of potential customers; all they have to do is find you! This tool removes the need for manual keyword checking, allowing you to optimize your listings and grow sales.
  • Product Monitor – Remain in control of your business at all times, Receive instant alerts on any product review or any type of listing hijack and remain in control of your business. It can also keep track of your competitor’s listings so you have a better understanding of what your competitors are doing and take measures accordingly.
  • IP Monitor – One of the most advanced tools provided by Zonguru. The IP (acronym for Intellectual Property) Monitor helps protect you from IP theft such as the use of duplicate pictures to the pictures of the products in your store, by other sellers. You can choose to receive an alert when someone uses an identical photo of your product, even if they have doctored or retouched it.

Zonguru Pricing

Zonguru offers a pricing model in which the prices vary according to the type and volume of the tools you wish to opt for. For the initial trial, you can test all of the available features for free before purchasing a plan for a week without requiring a credit card. For the annual plan you need to pay the entire annual fees upfront, but you can change your plans midway, according to your requirements. It is advisable that you start with the starter plan and gradually scale up as your business starts expanding.

Zonguru Discount Codes (If Any)

We currently don’t have any exclusive discount codes available to our readers. However, we will update this section once we have some exclusive Zonguru coupon codes available.

#4 JungleScout Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout is a tool that enables you to analyze and sort through the long list of Amazon products in order to discover which ones will be the most profitable and help you achieve a steady flow of income from your business. The Chrome Extension benefits an Amazon seller to have a comprehensive view of critical product details for a product niche at a glance. “Average Daily Sales”, “Average Sales Rank”, “Average Selling Price”, “Average Reviews”, and “Opportunity Score” (in the Pro version) determine if a niche is worth entering. These numbers offer you a good idea of competitiveness and demand and will help you determine if more research should be done, or if a different product should be found.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Features

  • Single User Account
  • Daily & Monthly Sales
  • Monthly Revenue
  • Rating & Review Tracking
  • Category & Seller Ranking
  • Historical Sales & Pricing
  • Estimated FBA Fees
  • Product Opportunity Score
  • Listing Quality Score

Jungle Scout Pricing

The effective product research tool added to the Chrome browser is a risk-free extension with14-day money-back guarantee. Accurate Amazon product research data added to your Chrome browser at $39 billed monthly.

Jungle Scout Discount Codes

We currently don’t have any exclusive discount codes available to our readers. However, we will update this section once we have some exclusive Zonguru coupon codes available.

#5 Unicorn Smasher Chrome Extension

Unicorn smasher was designed and developed by Amz tracker. It is a free feature used by the Amazon sellers to conduct their product research. Unicorn smasher delivers an overview of information about price costing, best-selling ranks, buyer reviews and any other important information for any product advertised on the Amazon. It also offers authentic sales and revenue projections and estimations based on data captured from thousands of products within the Amazon.

The extension has some great features built into it which will smoothen the users’ search process and ability to select the exact product that will raise their online store’s profile and profits.


Unicorn Smasher Features

  • Organized dashboard
  • Opportunity scores and sales estimates
  • Real-time, reliable data to give you an inside look at the prices, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, estimated sales, and more for any product on AMZ.
  • Accurate sales and revenue estimates based on real data from tens of thousands of live AMZ products.
  • Ultra-organized dashboard to easily manage all of your AMZ product research in one place and save you weeks of tedious research. It is a free replacement for Junglescout, amzscout.
  • Discreet sharing tool that puts your data in a super easy shareable format that doesn’t give away your product, making it easy to get feedback from other sellers.
  • Discreet sharing tool
  • Variation statistics
  • In-browser analysis
  • Order fulfillment
  • Integration with AMZ Tracker to give subscribers an inside edge on finding profitable opportunities.

Pricing: The chrome extension is offered free for all its users.

#6 Keepa Chrome Extension

It is one of the most popular tools for all those professional sellers on Amazon who wants to monitor products and track prices efficiently. The chrome extension enables unlimited access to the deals section table and interactive graphs as well as sales ranks and offers counts.


Keepa Features:

  • Product finder: search on the tool’s database and find your product to add it to your watch list
  • And when it comes to a product’s monetary history, Keepa tends to win out again for a more intuitive display by showing you low dollar amounts on the bottom and high dollar amounts on the top.
  • The same intuitiveness goes for a product’s sales rank, too, with the lowest at the bottom and the highest at the top.
  • If you want to keep your focus super narrow, click to remove a set of data. And if you want to broaden your scope, just click back the data sets. Plus, a neat thing happens if you click back the Amazon data set because it comes back shaded to indicate it’s in stock (and white if it’s out of stock). You can also see the in-stock, out-of-stock history of an item so you never have to compete directly with Amazon, which isn’t the smartest idea in the world.
  • Product viewer: import your product lists
  • Keepa shows you more immediate results by giving you the option to display date ranges of a day, week, month, three months or all the data the extension has on file.
  • Bestseller lists: the best selling products on Amazon grouped by category
  • Top seller list: Amazon’s top-selling merchants
  • Price History charts
  • Detailed Price History charts for over 1 billion Amazon products.
  • Price Drop & Availability Alerts : Set up a price watch directly from the product page. We track any product for you and notify you once the product dropped below your desired price. We track lightning deals as well.
  • Compare and track international Amazon prices : Prices for all Amazon locales are listed and can easily be tracked.
  • Daily Deals, an overview of recent price drops: Get the real deals. Keepa finds the best deals every day. Find products with the highest drop in price in your favorite product category.
  • Category tree: browse Amazon’s products by category using a useful category tree
  • Keepa’s API. This is the only monthly payment tool. The API will allow you to request live pricing and availability, price history, sales rank, offers count, Buy Box information, review count history.

Keepa Pricing:

Keepa is a Chrome Extension, it allows for only two tiers of pricing. The free version gives you access to the Product Finder, the Product Viewer, the Best Seller Lists from Amazon, the Top Seller List and various other features. However, it limits your search of products and ASINs to 5 per search.

The Monthly Subscription costs $15 a month and gives you 5000-10,000+ searches for ASINs and products per search. It also allows you API access for 5 tokens per minute and a quota refill rate of 5% per hour instead of the 2.5% every 23 hours for the free version.

#7 Bqool Chrome Extension

BQool provides a robust solution for Amazon sellers to automate their processes. It specializes in streamlining how to reprice your products, manage email campaigns, and oversee product reviews. The product’s main aim is to help you save time, minimize expenses, and sell more. It also offers you a solution to improve your Amazon sales rank both for new and existing products to boost sales and optimize Amazon’s long-term storage costs.

BQool Features:

  • 5-mins Accelerated Repricing
  • Embedded Price & Profit Calculator
  • Insightful Listing Data
  • Customizable Repricing Settings
  • Schedule Repricing
  • Compete Against Buy Box Price
  • Comprehensive Dashboard & Reports
  • Repricing History Log
  • Listing File Upload
  • Favorite Filters & Groups
  • Price Safety Net

BQool Pricing:

BQool pricing has four subscription options. The main differences between the plans are the repricing speed, product listing amount, and the availability of sales reports.

Plans Monthly Pricing ($/Month) Annual Pricing ($/Year) Listings Available
Plan 1 $25 $270 1,000
Plan 2 $50 $540 5,000
Plan 3 $75 $810 7,500
Plan 4 $100 $1,080 10,000

BQool Discount Codes

We currently don’t have any exclusive discount codes available to our readers. However, we will update this section once we have some exclusive BQool coupon codes available.


Over 6 million sellers exist on Amazon, and each of them knows that product reviews are one of the most important factors for a successful business on the platform. As an Amazon seller, you will require the appropriate leverage so that you can get over your competition. Make Google Chrome an effective weapon for this purpose. Chrome extensions for Amazon sellers can give you the right tools and insight to deliver an in-browser experience that improves your efficiency. The tools mentioned above are the most popular among the Amazon sellers which will give you an extra edge to perform better.

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Arbitrageinfo's Recommended Amazon Seller Tools:

All in One- Helium 10, Sellics, Zonguru

Analytics- Viral Launch, Hello Profit

Product and Keyword Research- AMZScout, AMZtracker 

Sourching Tool- BuyBotPro 

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