AMZ Tracker Review: Best Amazon Seller Toolkit 2023

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Last updated on January 18th, 2023 at 01:34 pm

Amazon sales rank may be a metric that explains the connection among products within one category that supported their sales performance. Sales rank is updated hourly and can range from 1 to over 1 million. It is influenced by seasonality, and its algorithm remains unrevealed.

The sales rank shows how well a product is selling relative to other products in the same category. A product with sales rank #1 is currently the most-purchased product in that category; a product with sales rank (or best seller ranking) #2 is the second most-purchased product. In other words, you can see how many different products are selling better than your own.

It’s important to remember that only products within the same primary category are considered when calculating your sales rank. For each main product category, there is one product in the first place, one in the second, one in the third. One product can, however, have an Amazon sales rank in additional than one sub-category.

AMZ Tracker is a channel management software that is a system designed to improve product rankings inside of Amazon using amz analytics.

Cloud-based Amazon sales and rank tracking platforms allow online businesses of all sizes to manage product promotion, conversion, and more using keyword research, super URLs, email reports, and other tools.

Why Should You Do Sales and Rank tracking when Selling Online?

A rank tracker tells you if your keyword optimization is on the proper path. Each day, an automated tool will scour Amazon’s search engine and tell you what position your listing comes up. You could find this out yourself, but it will take much time – time you could spend on higher ROI activities.

Where you are available on Amazon’s SERP will make an enormous difference reciprocally. Search engine click-through rates (CTR) are massively distributed towards the top of the first page. A study by SEO experts Moz on Google searches showed that 67% of clicks go to the top 5 results. Positions 6-10 on the first page had just under 4%. Assuming Amazon follows the same trend, that’s a huge difference in traffic if you’re able to rank high.

Once you have this data, you’ll need to do something with it.

Change your targeted keywords: Seeing the results of your keyword optimization lets you know if your efforts are working or not. Are you putting everything into targeting a specific keyword but coming in on the second page of the search rankings? It might benefit you to focus on a narrower term. That term may need less search volume but also less competition. It may also end in a far better conversion rate the more targeted your keyword is.

Run split tests: If you’re considering optimizing different keywords, an important step is to run split tests (also known as A/B tests). This involves running different versions of your listing and comparing. Run variants of your listing for an equal period (make sure it’s long enough to get a proper sample size). At the end of the test, see the difference in your sales. The test will give you a good idea of which keyword is more profitable for your product.

Put your resources into another product: Assuming you have limited resources, you have to make tough decisions on which campaigns and which products to invest in. A rank tracker tells you which of your SKUs are ranking well and which aren’t. This provides valuable information to base critical business decisions.

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AMZ Tracker Review: Product Features

  • Emаіl rероrtѕ
  • Negative review аlеrtѕ
  • On-раgе analyzer to optimize your listing
  • Prоduсt promotion through a private sellers marketplace
  • Prоmо vоuсhеr sends
  • Sаlеѕ trасkіng
  • Competitor аnаlуѕіѕ
  • Keyword rеѕеаrсh tool (and a long tаіl keyword search tool as well)

How AMZ Tracker Works?

Most Amazon seller tools tend to become the most straightforward using tools like KeyworX. Other sellers try out a comprehensive solution that offers everything. AMZ Tracker falls somewhere in the middle, with a varied range of options that cover many bases well but still leave a few gaps.

Its works mainly on two strategies-

Offensive strategy– This section is for tools that allow you to be aggressive in the marketplace, set around things like optimization, promotions, and competitor analysis.

Keyword Tracking- For sure, you’re familiar with the function and purpose of a keyword tracker.

AMZ’s keyword tracker offering uses clean and tidy graphs like the one shown above to display how your product’s ranks have changed over time for different keywords.

It does an excellent job of alerting you when a competitor makes a significant change that increases their rank so that you can learn from the change and maybe even implement it yourself.

It’s shallow compared to in-depth rank software like KeyworX, but this is to be expected, and as part of an overall package, this does the job well regardless.

AMZ Tracker was one of the primary Amazon tools to permit sellers to trace their trade book Rank, and it had been a pacesetter within the field for this reason.

Nowadays, plenty of other tools offer this functionality, and AMZ Tracker hasn’t developed much, making it a lot less unique than it used to be.

It still does the job, though, and is an effective way to increase your Best Seller Rank.

Conversion Rate Optimization- This feature analyses your listings and provides a simple list of recommended improvements, as shown.

It can also be used to analyze competitor’s listings to get quick insights on anything they might be doing better than you.

You can check each listing against a keyword to see how well/whether it ranks for that keyword, allowing you to include it in your listing more if you aren’t ranking well enough for it.

While this is a pretty neat tool with its place in the overall package, there are plenty of other similar options out there, some of which are free, so we definitely wouldn’t look at this as a reason to sign up for AMZ Tracker in itself.

Super URLs- While other products offer Super URLs lately, including AMZShark, AMZ Tracker pioneered the thought, and it’s a cool one.

Super URLs work by simply adding your chosen keywords to the URL. It appears to the Amazon algorithm as if the customer has searched those keywords before purchasing your product, therefore elevating your product rank for that keyword.

Nowadays, however, it seems Amazon has nuked Super URLs just like they did to incentivized reviews, and it’s debatable whether you will get any ranking improvements from using this in 2019.

Amazon’s TOS directly states that “Any attempt to manipulate the Search and Browse experience is prohibited,” so you are potentially risking your seller account even if it does work.

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Defensive strategy– This section is for tools focused on defending your business, so the order of the day is competitor research, review management, and other ways of preventing damage to your brand caused by people other than yourself.

Alerts for Negative Reviews & Listing Hijacks- These features simply provide immediate automated alerts for belongings you should remember, allowing you to react at once.

A “listing hijack” is when another seller takes over the Buy Box and starts selling on your listing, either by reselling products bought from you, trading counterfeit versions of your product, or by merely winning the Buy Box from you if multiple sellers sell the product in question.

Just like losing a first-place position, losing the Buy Box can drastically reduce your sales, so you need to be able to react immediately, and the alerts make this easy.

Similarly, the negative review alerts make it easy to respond quickly to every negative review and help you keep your star rating as high as possible.

Recon Strategy- This section is all about strategy and data – to make the right moves for your business, you need to know everything else that’s going on in the market, and these tools aim to form that possible.

Keyword Research Tool (& Deepwords)- amz keyword tracker research tool suggests related keywords to the generic keyword you enter, so it can be helpful for long-tail keywords and finding search terms.

The Deepword tool is exceptionally similar and provides search traffic estimates and related categories, which helps find ideas for brand spanking new traffic sources.

It’s a well-designed tool with reasonably accurate data, but we did see some strange keywords come up that seemed to be taken from Google as opposed to Amazon. With so many of these tools around these days for a lot cheaper, AMZ Tracker’s offering is nothing major to write home about.

Competitor Analysis- This is very similar to the conversion rate optimization tool but allows you to run an analysis of your competitor’s listings to learn from beneficial changes they’ve made or to take advantage of harmful ones.

It also keeps track of competitor’s stock levels and sales but is less accurate than most modern tools that do the same such as JungleScout.

You get daily breakdowns of the stock levels and estimated sales of your competitors.

It even gives you running averages to break down into variants to see which version of a product sells best.

AMZ Tracker Tools and Solutions for Amazon, eBay, and Walmart Sellers

  • Product Promotion
  • Rank Tracking
  • Competitor Sales Tracking
  • Find New Keywords
  • Deepwords (Keyword Tool)
  • Negative Review Alerts
  • Reviewer Hunter
  • Listing Hijack Alerts
  • Spying on Competitor Sales
  • On-Page analyzer to boost their Amazon Page
  • Review Club access to promote their products at a discount to over 300,000 members
  • Negative Review Notifications
  • Amazon Product Research
  • Optimize Your Listings
  • Super URLs

AMZ Tracker Review: Advantages, Pros, and USPs

There are lots of features in one software package.

Some features are helpful for Amazon sellers.

  • Pricing starts at only $50 a month with reasonable limits on most features.
  • The price of the plans for the features available is competitive. Getting all the same features in other Amazon software may be more expensive.
  • Email reports of keyword rankings are useful.
  • Negative review alerts with email notifications are a helpful feature.
  • The product promotion service Vipon should be simpler than alternatives for German and European sellers.
  • The “Reviewer Finder” and “Listing Hijack Alerts” are new features; there could also be new features released within the future.
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AMZ Tracker Review: Pricing Plans

AMZ Tracker offers four pricing plans.

The main difference between the pricing plans is: Number of tracked keywords, Number of tracked products, Number of vouchers sent on promotions., All other product limits and features are the same between the plans.

The available plans and the difference in limits are below:

Basic: $50

  • 50 tracked products
  • 110 tracked keywords
  • 100 voucher sends per month

Professional: $100

  • 100 tracked products
  • 500 tracked keywords
  • 300 voucher sends per month

God Mode: $200

  • 200 tracked products
  • 1,500 tracked keywords
  • 1,200 voucher sends per month

Legend: $400

  • 400 tracked products
  • 3,000 tracked keywords
  • 3,000 voucher sends per month

As mentioned earlier, if you’re not getting many buyers for the coupons you’re sending out, then you’ll find yourself needing to send out more coupons and ultimately requiring a more expensive account than you would if the service worked better.

AMZ Tracker Review: Coupon Codes

  • Earlybird-Get $10 Off Now! Limited Time Offer
  • EARTHDAY-50% Off Free Server US Coupon

AMZ Tracker Trial Plan

Seven days with no credit card required

AMZ Tracker Alternatives and Competitors List

  • Elioplus PRM
  • LogicBay
  • DataFeedWatch
  • FeedArmy
  • Hotel-Spider Vertriebsplattform
  • LeadMethod
  • Omnibees
  • Save1Minute
  • List On Fire
  • Collaborative Channel Commerce
  • TL Channel Manager
  • Channeltivity
  • Kyozou
  • Channel Manager
  • MappingMaster Channel Manager

AMZ Tracker is a reliable tool that will be of great help to most Amazon sellers and is powered by useful features, many of which they even did before anybody else.

If you want a specialized tool like a keyword, you can do better. If you want a small group of tools and your list of desired features matches up with AMZ Tracker, then you probably can’t do better.

AMZ Tracker is a robust tool that does a lot. AMZ Tracker is a leader in Amazon Seller Software, helping Sellers Skyrocket their Amazon sales. The bundle of class-leading features provides you with an edge over the other, for which a bit of extra expense doesn’t matter. Amz keyword tracker and amazon product tracker are features every amazon seller must have to move ahead in the race of digital sales and marketing.

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