Egrow Review: Best Amazon Product Research Tool 2023

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Last updated on January 18th, 2023 at 01:36 pm

Egrow is an electronic instrument particularly created for Amazon sellers. Regularly it breaks down millions of items in the Amazon commercial center and aggregate deals data in straightforward charts and boards. It will spare your time in market investigation and help you discover items you can go without much of a stretch offer.


Egrow is web-based product research software developed for sellers of the largest E-commerce marketplace, Amazon. It analyses millions of Amazon products day by day and collects the much-needed sales data of hot performing products. It then delivers this data through easy-to-analyze charts and dashboards – a total upgrade from the physically exhausting and time-consuming manual research methods we have all used before. It is built to easily find products that will drive your business to new heights.

Egrow Review: Benefits

A large number of Products are Scanned Daily: Egrow’s product database from Amazon commercial center is stuffed with a great many pre-examined items with the everyday history of changes in the number of offers, value, surveys, watchwords, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg – all refreshed once a day. Include another item, and Egrow will begin gathering its information in only 24 hours.

Quick and Intuitive Fast and Intuitive User Experience: Notwithstanding giving the best quality information, their software is centred on a consistent and proficient client encounter. A quick and intense across-the-board instrument, Egrow will spare you long periods of research, furnishing you with key data for your business in a matter of seconds.

Precise Sales Accurate Estimated Sales Data: For more than three years, Egrow has been building up a one-of-a-kind algorithm to calculate assessed deals for products on the Amazon marketplace. Also, it’s just improving each day.

90 Days of Product History: Pre-examined items in the database have up to 90 long stretches of history detailing item changes. This component will give you superior knowledge and help you recognize fleeting patterns and items with steady, long-haul deals.

Discover Organic Search Keywords: With Egrow, you can rapidly distinguish the keywords and rank items in Amazon’s natural indexed lists. Including more keywords for every-day tracking is made much less demanding from the item subtle elements page.

 Egrow Review- Amazon Keyword Rankings

We Work Together with Clients: All the highlights in Egrow are created with user feedback in mind. From beginners hoping to dispatch their first item to internet business veterans generally endeavor to address our customers’ issues.

Secure Data: Egrow plan of action depends on programming as a service. They don’t sell on Amazon. Their benefit is created by helping their customers to grow their e-commerce business. They won’t utilize your data or offer it to some other outsiders.

 Egrow Review- Secure Data

Affordable: They will probably give everybody inspired by beginning on the web business and accomplishing monetary flexibility far from the 9-to-5 crush. This is the reason their Egrow free bundle is the perfect decision for sprouting business visionaries. In contrast, the Standard and Plus bundles are priced well underneath the business standard for this kind of administration.

Egrow Review: Features Overview

  • It gives the best database of day-by-day filtered products from Amazon.
  • It offers exact assessed deal data.
  • It incorporates preloaded watchwords and positions in a regular Amazon Google look.
  • Egrow’s end-client programming is easy to understand and additionally basic.
  • It is super-quick.
  • There is no prerequisite for extra internet browser augmentations or even devices; all the work process happens inside solitary programming.
  • You may acquire around three months of item or administration history adjustments (deals, cost, appraisal, watchwords).
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Egrow Review: Sign Up

It’s absolutely free and even your credit card details are not required. All you need is a username and password. Once you sign up, you can go to the member area.

Egrow Review: Tools

Product Database

In less complex terms, you can state product database Access millions of daily filtered items from Amazon. Sort, channel, keep an eye on fruitful deals, seize incredible openings, and distinguish the correct specialty for beginning your business.

 Egrow Review- Product Database

Live Amazon Scanners

Do ongoing keywords checking and also pull data from Amazon. Egrow programs are sufficient for all the activity for you, a bit much for outside internet browser expansions or possibly programs.

 Egrow Review- LIve Product Scanner

Saved Searches

Say farewell to whine with measurements. With Egrow, these are expecting your examination, all pre-figured, pleasantly set up together. Quickly survey differing groupings of stock as indicated by keywords, extra fundamental measurements, and an assortment of income.

 Egrow Review- Product Details

Product Trackers

At whatever point you cannot find the item or the service you are looking for in the database? You could request step-by-step scrapping. Rapidly fuse it into Product Tracker together with Egrow will start investigating the pertinent data in multi-day. Make utilization of this apparatus to view, track and even deal with your favored merchandise in littler groupings for ideal execution.

 Egrow Review- Product Tracker

Egrow Review: Dashboard

You don’t require instructional recordings or tutorials to start utilizing this. You’ll discover three tabs at the highest point of your dashboard:

  • Product Tracker
  • Database Research
  • Live Amazon Scanner

Egrow Product Tracker Tab

Just enter an Amazon ASIN, and the tool will show a column of data for this ASIN. If the ASIN has never been tracked before, you should sit tight 24 hours for the information to show up. You can enter your own particular ASINs, contenders ASINs, or ASINs you wish to investigate for future buys and track them after some time.

Users can enter every one of their ASINs, and at a brisk glance, they know how the entirety of the items are getting along. This is substantially simpler than pulling information from QuickBooks or whatever bookkeeping programming one may utilize. A business can utilize this for checking the general development of your business and the pattern of offers for every item. Are deals going up or down? If you are running a showcasing campaign, what effect is it having on deals, so on? There are heaps of information here, merged in one place.

Amazon Database Research Tab

This is item research about made simple. You can pick your research category down to SUB-CATEGORY level, channel by least value, most extreme value, surveys, deals, income, BSR, weight, number of sellers, and the significant number of pictures. You can likewise pick whether the dealer is Amazon, FBA, or Merchant Fulfilled, and obviously include your Keywords … yet in addition, enter negative Keywords.

With all these approaches to cut up data, you ought to effectively discover an item that fits your criteria for deals. Likewise, you can utilize this tool to look at who is positioning and view their postings for thoughts on the most proficient method to better set up the copyright for your own. You can likewise enter either your own or rival watchwords for a particular ASIN, and the instrument will track where this ASIN positions for that catchphrase. Indeed! The apparatus will indicate where you rank in Amazon query items.

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Live Amazon Scanner

This last tab does exactly what it shows. It will pull live outcomes from Amazon. This product was formally propelled in October 2017.

At the very least, you should agree to accept their FREE choice. If you are a genuine Amazon seller, pick the PLUS PLAN. There is an extraordinary rate for the initial 100 information exchanges.

This arrangement incorporates:

  • 1000 Tracked catchphrases.
  • 300 Tracked items.
  • Unlimited live inquiries.
  • 90 Days of item history

Egrow Review: Advanced Filters

Utilize adjustable filters to play out your own and one of a kind Amazon product research with our database

Amazon FBA tool

  • Egrow programming
  • More than Millions of Daily Updated Products
  • Break down your outcomes utilizing our simple to-utilize dashboard, which shows great item experiences for a more quick-witted and quicker basic leadership.

Historical Changes in Data

Track each change on Amazon in blockbuster rankings, deals, costs, and substantially more every day for up to 90 days.

  • Research Amazon
  • FBA seller tool
  • Classification and Keyword Rankings

Look into changes of item rankings for different classifications and watchwords of your decision without leaving Egrow.

Organize and Compare Data

Egrow ascertains the minimum, most extreme, and normal measurements for blockbuster rankings, costs, surveys, deals, and income. By applying these numbers to various catchphrases, you can undoubtedly spot brilliant item openings.

Egrow Review: Pricing

Egrow operates on 3 price plans which are as follows:

1. Basic (Free)

  • Access to half of the items.
  • 5 Tracked catchphrases.
  • 5 Tracked items.
  • 20 Live inquires about every day.
  • 7 Days of item history.

2. Standard ($12/month) Charged Yearly

  • Restricted to Next 100 Members
  • Access to 100% of items.
  • 200 Tracked catchphrases.
  • 100 Tracked items.
  • 100 Live inquires about every day.
  • 30 Days of item history.

3. Plus ($16/month) Charged Yearly

  • Restricted to Next 100 Members
  • Access to 100% of items.
  • 1000 Tracked catchphrases.
  • 300 Tracked items.
  • Boundless live inquires about.
  • 90 Days of item history.

Egrow Review: Marketplaces

While the features are great and the tools are cool, you have to know if it is available in your marketplace. The updated version of Egrow is currently available in the following 11 markets:

  • USA (.com)
  • Germany (.de)
  • India (.in)
  • United Kingdom (
  • Canada (.ca)
  • France (.fr)
  • Italy (.it)
  • Australia (
  • Spain (.es)
  • Turkey (
  • Brazil (

Egrow Review: Customer Support

We are looking for in a product aside from the product itself is the company’s response time in answering customer’s queries. We noticed in the dashboard its chat feature where you can contact the support team to guide you while you navigate. You would know that Egrow cares about their customers, hence, their feedback-us claim at the bottom of most of their pages. It sounds just right to know that they want to know what we need, and they will make it.

Egrow Review: Customer Reviews

“Perfect tool, I use it quite for a while now. It is way better than JS! Thank you guys for the perfect customer service!!!” –Hany Bo

“Absolutely great tool. The team seems to be quite hardworking and dedicated – fast reactions on customer support. Curious what future additions will bring.” –Patrick Laidback

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“Fair price and clean interface. Live Scanner is convenient, but I still would like a chrome extension.” –Martin Bruns

Egrow Review: Competitors

Jungle scout: Jungle Scout is available as a chrome extension or web app and allows users to search through thousands of products quickly and easily. As well as product searches, Jungle Scout includes a whole host of features, including niche hunters, free webinars, and case studies, and comes in three packages ranging from $29 per month to $69 per month for the Business Package. You can sign up using this link.

Scope: A 100% free-to-use Amazon tool for keyword research, product research, and analytics, Scope Seller Labs has everything you need to get started with your product or niche search. The scope is a great tool for beginners and includes several handy features, including reverse ASIN lookups on selected products to allow users to find out which particular keywords successful products are using.

Unicorn Smasher: This free to download product research tool is featured on the ‘best available’ leader board and features real-time comprehensive data and accurate sales estimates. Users can navigate quickly between product niches to find insights into pricing, ranking, and ratings, as well as product reviews.

Summing Up

It’s not entirely up to us to say if it is the best among the rest. All we can say, for sure, is that it worked really well for us. We were trying to figure out what could be a tool flaw. But, all we could think of is it’s just a little less popular than the more widely-used Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, and others along their line. But that could still work in Egrow’s favor since it can price its tool way below the industry standard, being less popular, that is.

Some reviews said that they were hoping Egrow has more products in their database. We didn’t exactly encounter such a problem since most of the products we searched for were there. It still all boils down to answering the question, “Is it the right tool for your specific need?” We all have different needs, different preferences, different products, and different demands. So, the best way to know would be to test it yourself.

A good thing there is, you can do so for free. Head on over to Egrow and sign up for a free version. And don’t forget to tell us what you think.

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