ManagebyStats Review: Best Amazon Seller Software Tool 2023

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Last updated on January 18th, 2023 at 05:54 am

Analytics play a vital role in eCommerce. Without analytics, the right customers can’t be determined, and investments can not be channeled correctly. Without meaningful data, decision-making is challenging. Analytics can benefit a seller in the following ways-

Improve User Experiences. The digital era is shifting towards meaningful analytics in the massive information environment. Parallelization processes are put in place to examine the actions of countless customers and draw actionable intelligence. Analytics is remodeling the manner eCommerce trade operates. Elaborated eCommerce analytics information is crucial to assist you in creating higher business selections, saving time and money to focus your efforts on things that matter, and make more innovative selling selections.

Easy navigation is the foundation of the site design. Glitches within the site’s user experience may lead to loss of conversions and abandoned guests. using the correct analytics tools; the eCommerce players can-

  • Track the Key Performance Indicators, compare them with the goals, and see any UX problems.
  • Run and judge multiple layouts and designs and styles} and improve the results by conveying design and content variations.
  • Determine and measure specific metrics before and once implementing various ways to judge the user satisfaction rates.

ManagebyStats, too, is a software package platform engineered for Amazon sellers to provide them with features that are lacking or flawed in Amazon or other platforms. This incorporates product sales performance graphs displayed by brand, product line, individual product, and SKU. The Inventory Management feature to predict inventory required and even more.

Why Should You Do Product Research when Selling Online?

Product research tools facilitate scanning through thousands of products simply and determine which of them are very talked-about, widely out there, and are selling.

These tools additionally facilitate in clearly shaping profits and expenses through its world-class feature. Product research tools enable scanning multiple marketplaces and also the current trends in such markets only. It also helps save cash by understanding the needs of the target client and avoiding excess investments.

Product research is vital because it offers the following advantages:

1. product research helps to clarify the features of the product.

2. It assists in simplifying the product line.

3. It allows a manufacturer to develop new products with better market demand in the existing product line.

4. Product research brings the best sales returns.

5. It widens the product marketplace and creates goodwill for the product and its manufacturer.

6. It facilitates good price fixation of the product. Product research brings to the limelight the various uses of the product for effective promotion for marketing.

7. It helps in the modernization of existing products, making them highly competitive and acceptable to customers.

8. It allows a manufacturer to introduce an attractive package and brand name to the product for marketing.

ManagebyStats Review: Product Features


This is a product research tool that enables you to search and filter Best Sellers on Amazon. The list is updated daily and contains three hundred best-selling products on Amazon and their calculable monthly units sold with revenue details. Thus you’ll be able to get a clear plan of what your first or next product might be.

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When you are beginning an Amazon business, you will need a simple way to monitor your keyword ranking. Use keywords with insight into ranking for any keyword and any product while tracking effects of split check changes on your development. Track your competitor’s ranking for keywords to seek out gaps in the marketplace for faster-ranking efforts.


As an expert seller, you will find yourself counting on Amazon Sponsored Ads. So, get full transparency into your Amazon Sponsored Ads. Effortlessly review and create changes, and take the time to do all of your routine keyword bid changes. See bid history, date comparisons; Set a target ACoS and automatize bidding and schedule ads as desired.


Using Amazon fulfillment services needs a keen awareness of your inventory levels. Track your FBA inventory, set restocks lead times and obtains notifications and predictions of restocking. Manage your inventory throughout launches with easy accessibility max quantity settings.


Critical for any FBA business has to be correct, to the penny breakdown, of all financials for sales, refunds, promos, ads prices, and all Amazon fees; view by statement period, custom, or chosen date ranges.


Doing business with Amazon means that client satisfaction is predominant. Amazon gauges this through feedback and reviews. See feedback, use feedback in client filters, and ManageByStats’ email auto-responder. See your reviews at a glance, sort by star rating to take quick action for negative ratings.

How ManagebyStats Works?

Individual graphs

Individual graphs are sortable by day, week, month, and year; custom date varies, refunds, price of products, and Amazon payouts. The information out there is classified by seller account, brand, product line, and products.

Detailed order info

Monitor your orders: product charges, promo rebates, Amazon fees, alternative expenses, quantities, Amazon ad prices, marketing performance click-through rates (CTR), ad impressions, and average cost-per-click (CPC).

The help of data can search, i.e., date, SKU, Order ID, contact name, kind of order, quantity ordered, payout, cost, refunded item, and products judgment.

Detailed refunds info

Check your refunds, shipping fees, warehouse fees, alternative expenses, and your totals.

Customer information at a look

Search by client data: name, Amazon email, phone, town, and state.

Generate client reports and see that customers purchased any brand, line of products, or product.

Generate repeating client reviews to evaluate your significant users.

ManagebyStats Tools and Solutions for Amazon, eBay, and Walmart Sellers

ManagebyStats offers a variety of tools to assist the seller with eCommerce-


  • Product retriever: Retriever extension is your direct association between your inspiration and finding a winning product when browsing Amazon. With one click, the extension provides sales details in real-time for your Amazon search.
  • Keyword Scout: Wish to understand what keywords your competitors are ranking for on Amazon? Discover the keywords used to be employed for any ASIN and the way they are ranking.
  • Distiller: Narrow down the vast lists of prime keywords into precise, targeted results. Do search and replace and prepare your final traffic-generating keyword list.
  • Wordsmith: Guarantee your Amazon product listing includes the most necessary, highest ranking keywords.
  • Keyword tracker: A sophisticated Amazon keyword tool to determine rank history/trend, trade book Rank, reviews, stars, and split testing. Keyword rankings are one of the deciding factors on Amazon for bringing people to your product. Managebystats designed a specialized Amazon keyword rank tracking tool. Thus, you recognize precisely wherever your product rank for which keywords. You do not have to manually search on Amazon, track rivals, see search rank volume.
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Advertising Manager

With ManageByStats’ Advertising Manager, you are in the prime of things on your Amazon PPC. Free yourself from seller Central. Manage your ads a lot effectively, in the least levels, from Campaigns to Keywords, with tools that alter the basics, provide you with high-level oversight, insight, foresight bringing along the resources you would like to realize a brand new normal of advertising success.

Do all that you presently do in Seller Central, do it quicker, do it more straightforward, and do it with a higher number of choices and a more significant number of arrangements than anything accessible on Amazon.


When a sale happens in your Amazon seller account, SellerMail can autonomously schedule and send a sequence of emails to the client, whereas supplying you with complete control of what is sent.

  • Decide when and under what conditions client emails are to be sent; produce custom email sequences for Brands, product lines, or individual products.
  • Create and schedule custom email and sequence.
  • Trigger emails to your customers supported Purchase, Shipped, Product Refund, and multiple alternative criteria.
  • Filter email regulations by brand, ASIN, or SKU.
  • Maintain positive contact alongside your customers, autonomously, with SellerMail.

ManagebyStats Review: Advantages, Pros, and USPs

Some advantages of ManagebyStates are-

See Your True Amazon Profits

Instantly see what proportion profit you’re creating on Amazon. Know immediately in real-time your sales, profit, ROI, margins, promotion operation success, and reimbursements by product or brand of any date and range just by entering the product prices.

Get a lot of Reviews and Seller Feedback.

Automate client follow-up messages on Amazon with SellerMail. Provide higher client service, get many reviews, and acquire a lot of seller feedback – autonomously. Use already designed templates or compose your emails and witness your brand grow.

Access Your Full client info

Knowing complete client information is very important once you sell things on Amazon. See a full list of all of your Amazon customers, as well as repeat consumers, anytime you’d like. It can be searched and accessed by SKU, date ranges, the amount spent, refund standing, and many more.

Simple Accounting and Financial Analysis

Every Amazon FBA business desires simple, clear monetary insight. Access accurately reconciled financial breakdowns. See the actual image of your Amazon finances for any date vary. See graphs to mark tendency in your Amazon seller account visually.

ManagebyStats Review: Pricing Plans

The pricing plan of Managebystats is divided into three categories-

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This is the cheapest pack and comes with a trial of 14 days. The pricing of the plan starts at $19.97/mo. It provides access to features which are as follows-

  • Product Finder Tool
  • Keyword Scout (Competitor Analysis)
  • Keyword Distiller
  • Wordsmith Listing Optimizer
  • Keyword Tracking – 25 Keywords
  • Free Finder Chrome Extension


The second one and the most popular one is the PROFESSIONAL plan. Its pricing plans start from $59.97/mo. It also has a 14-day trial policy. It provides access to features which are as follows-

  • All STARTER Tools
  • Profit Dashboard
  • Follow Up Email Autoresponder
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Supports Multiple Seller Accounts(2 Seller Accounts)
  • Product Finder Tool
  • Keyword Scout (Competitor Analysis)
  • Keyword Distiller
  • Wordsmith Listing Optimizer
  • Advertising Manager Free Trial
  • Supports All Amazon Marketplaces
  • Customer Database
  • Transactions Database
  • Additional Users & User
  • Management


The last one is the enterprise plan which is a custom plan. It is the most feature-rich plan. For quotation of prices, the user has to contact the website. It provides access to features which are as follows-

  • Advanced Features
  • Up To 19 Seller Accounts Connected
  • Dedicated Server
  • Advanced PPC Solutions
  • Expert Listing Analysis

ManagebyStats Trial Plan

It gives you the option of a 14-day trial with Starter and Professional versions, but there is no option for trial in the Enterprise version.

ManagebyStats Alternatives and Competitors List

  • Reviewbox
  • A2X
  • inkFrog
  • Jungle Scout
  • Sellics
  • Teikametrics
  • Helium 10
  • Feedvisor
  • AMZ.One
  • Camelcamelcamel
  • MerchantWords
  • Repricerexpress
  • Terapeak
  • SellerApp
  • Monsoon Marketplace
  • Vendio
  • Viral Launch
  • SellerExpress

Managebystats is an economical option compared to the other tools in the market, which will enable Amazon Sellers to spot business and growth opportunities that carry their information.

When handling Amazon seller Central’s reports, you frequently wander away, as there are a lot of graphs, information, and even hidden knowledge from everywhere on the web that you just are getting to be ready to gather through this tool. Managebystats works as an out-of-the-box. The software package that merely connects to your Seller Central as a 3rd party tool and grabs every bit of data accessible, reworking it into beautiful graphs and tables.

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