Seller Sprite Review: Best Amazon Seller Toolbox 2023

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Last updated on January 18th, 2023 at 05:53 am

The size of Amazon’s addressable crowd is likely the most evident advantage. At the point when you list your items on Amazon, you approach an enormous pool of effectively settled clients.

Web-based business in 2020 is a savagely competitive condition, so ensure you’re utilizing the best Amazon seller tools to help give your business an upper hand.

Amazon seller tools help the sellers at every stage of the customer life cycle: Starting from sourcing products and winning the Buy Box to provide first-class customer service.

SellerSprite is an integrated software package that offers Amazon sellers an entire suite of tools to launch and grow Amazon’s business – discover the product, strengthen SEO, marketing, track product metrics, and progress. The data is the same as real data from Amazon; you can check it at no cost.

SellerSprite supports web-based applications with seller sprite chrome extension and supports many big markets: US/Japan/Germany/UK/France/Spain/Italy/Canada/India.

SellerSpirite can optimize your product listing and facilitate the notice of profitable product ideas with high demand and low competition. See the accurate weekly sales information & trend of any product.

The Amazon product research tool is an excellent seller assistant to help Amazon merchants on Amazon Reverse ASIN looking. It supports different Amazon marketplaces.

Why Should You Do Product Tracking when Selling Online?

Product research provides information on the exact and needed characteristics of a service or a product. It helps companies understand the customers’ wants better so that the final product can be tailored appropriately. This research also can help in exploring new ideas for the products. It is of great help in screening and testing new ideas and helps reduce costs by avoiding investments in worthless ideas. This form of research answers the following types of questions:

  • Whether the service or product launch will be successful in the market?
  • What are the competitors present in the market?
  • What are the effective ways to start, develop, and sell your products or services?
  • What is the importance of Product Research?

Product research can help achieve the following goals-

Competitive edge

Organizations that do regular research on products always excel within the global market and stay ahead of their rivals. Product research is predicted to give the best professional profit to any business that has definite objectives.


The increasing importance of marketing research also lies within the indisputable fact that it provides the scope of innovation, which will help grow higher-value technologies. This can further help in reaching a design as well as methodologies for the organization.

Goal endorsement

It is always appreciable to have definite business goals for the success of any commodity or service. For example, if a similar product or service is provided without any planning of growth, then chances are high that the business takes a back seat, or it could simply get lost in the rat race.

There are many benefits of using product research tools-

  • Marketing research tools help scan many products and know which of them are in fashion, readily available, and are selling.
  • These tools also help in determining profits and costs.
  • Marketing research tools assist in scanning multiple markets and knowing the prevalent trends in such markets.
  • It also assists in saving money by knowing the needs of the target customer and then avoiding unimportant investments.
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Seller Sprite Review: Product Features

  • Tracking Sprite- Track historical changes in price value, deals, reviews, and BSR for any item on Amazon.
    Track rivals to get their strategy; track your product to record marketing performance.
  • Keyword tracker – Track your or your rival’s keyword everyday positioning and analyze the changes.
    Track keywords in a simple-to-use dashboard; it redefines keyword tracking expertise.
  • Reverse ASIN Keywords – Discover the particular keywords client is using to find your or maybe your competitor’s product.
    Lift item visibility by enhancing posting with rival’ traffic keywords.
    Improve the PPC execution by upgrading PPC with rival traffic-pulling keywords.
    Dig out all the profitable keywords which you may never consider, such as synonyms.
  • Product Sprite – Give the most right Amazon deals data with over 20M ASIN every month.
    Uncover competitor’s sales and sales trend over the last two years supported category, keyword, brand, or sellers.
    Discover profitable products supported sales growth rate, review changes, and innovate criteria.
    Find potential markets that support market capability, trends, competition, and changes.
  • Keyword Sprite – Furnish the most precise Amazon keywords with search volume, buy rate.
    Suggest the most solid significant keywords for posting and PPC improvement.
    Capture all the data you need to get profitable products and niche markets.
    Browse the historical monthly search volume over the last two years.
  • Browser Extension – Perfect alternative to Keepa, determine listing trends, free lifespan trial.
    Dig out rival traffic-driving keywords to excellent your listing and PPC.
    Find relevant keywords in one click, along with correct search volume, purchase rate.
    Accessing up to two years of sales information empowers you to search out product ideas as you’re browsing.
  • Market Research – Real digital product choice can increase your product research success rate by 50%.
    With more than a hundred and fifty thousand in-depth trade analysis reports from seven countries. A newcomer can quickly become a master of information analysis.
    You may solely recognize less than I%, i.e.(200) of Amazon’s twenty thousand subdivided markets. It assists you in exploring the other ninety-nine percent of the unknown market.
    More than 24+ sorting and filtering metrics of market analysis enable you to quickly position potential and blue ocean markets.

How Seller Sprite Works?

Seller Sprite works to help amazon sellers mainly to solve their issues using the following tools-

Amazon Smart Research

  • The most accurate Amazon sales data.
  • Monthly sales trend over the last two years.
  • Over 20M products with sales each month.
  • Built in many product discovery strategies.
  • SVG Illustration

Keyword Mining/Reverse

  • The most accurate Amazon keyword data.
  • Monthly search trends over the last two years.
  • Reverse ASIN keywords of competitors.
  • Works for markets in the US, Europe, India, Canada.
  • SVG Illustration

Products/Keywords Tracking

  • Track competitors’ price, review, BSR, and sales.
  • Track your product’s BSR, reviews, and others.
  • Track the keyword’s daily ranking and changes.

Seller Sprite Tools and Solutions for Amazon, eBay, and Walmart Sellers

Profitability calculator- The higher the profit margin, the better, but small companies often struggle to achieve profitability at all in their first few years. While benefits change depending on the deal’s volume and costs of doing business consistently, knowing the exact profit is very difficult. Calculating profit can be a very tiresome and time-consuming operation. Seller sprite makes it easy for you with its free profit calculating tool.

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Sales estimation- BSR Sales Estimation gives each day and month-to-month deals of this BSR and tracks ordinary transactions of competing items progressively.

ASIN Sales Estimation can accurately search the daily sales changes of a product and see the sales trend of the rival in the last year.

Keyword checker- Give cluster looks for keyword position for target ASIN and continuously tracks the impact of posting enhancement and PPC.

Use Tracking Sprite-Keyword tracking to see the keyword’s day-by-day change if necessary.

Just have to fill out the last time search quickly by clicking” Search History” and re-index after log in.

It is free for a life-long time.

Keepa- The value of Keepa for Amazon sellers’ product selection and competitive analysis is undisputed; however, it charges now.

SellerSprite launched a replica of the Keepa extension, which is briefer and easier to use. The function is precisely the same as Keepa.

It incorporates a progression of center information, for example, price value, BSR, appraisals, surveys, sellers, bargain cost, buy box cost, and so forth of the listing since it’s been launched. It is, therefore, facilitating sellers to track the entire operation of building the listing, consecutively creating their operation and promotion plans.

The extension supports nine marketplaces, including the US, Japan, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, and India.

Google trends- As we all know, in terms of search engines, Google is the leading enterprise, with nearly 80% share of PC and almost 96% share of mobile. It is utilized by Internet clients around the globe and is looked for billions of times every day. To all the more likely features, the estimation of these search information.

Enter the keywords, and you will get the Google pattern interest for that term from 2004 to the present (the specific tracking volume/the average tracking volume over some undefined time frame). The value is from 0-100. The higher the value, the greater the popularity). Simultaneously, you can likewise set a comparison product for it and evaluate up with five keywords.

Seller Sprite Review: Advantages, Pros, and USPs

  • Keyword Mining tool offers you the most relevant and best keywords to enhance your traffic & PPC.
  • The keyword analysis tool helps you discover market chances based on actual shopper’s demand. It provides the correct keyword search volume, purchase, search result, CVR.
  • Access up to two years of monthly search/purchase trends.
  • An extensive database with over 20M products monthly, the sales information and data metrics are the most correct.
  • The competitor search tool enables the seller to get an insight into the price, BSR, review, rating, hijacker, deals, sales trends of competitors.
  • Product Discovery tool allows the seller to find potential products based on the standards set, like the sales rate of growth.
  • Market Research tool helps sellers find untapped markets based on market capacity, trends, competitiveness, volatility.
  • Track the changes in price, sales, reviews, and BSR(Best Seller Rank) for any product.
  • Track rivals to get their strategy, track your product to record marketing performance.
  • Track your rival’s keyword everyday ranking and analyze the changes.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard, they redefine the following expertise.
  • Dig out the actual traffic-driven keywords of competitors, more correct than the other tools.
  • With the keywords that rival is ranked for, improve your listing traffic and PPC(Pay Per Click) efficiently.
  • Discover all the profitable keywords which you may never consider.
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Seller Sprite Review: Pricing Plans

Four plans are available, which vary on how wide the variety of results

All paid plans offer sellers all tools and functions of SellerSprite; however, they differ in the use limits.

  • Free
  • Standard: $98/month
  • Advanced: $188/month
  • VIP: $238/month.

Payment can be made through PayPal or any credit card.

Seller Sprite Trial Plan

SellerSprite does have a free trial seller merchandiser who could explore and check the platform to their satisfaction.

  • KWR Guide provides more than 1M keywords per month and Marketplace.
  • Reverse ASIN utilizes genuine keywords with high traffic for posting enhancement.
  • BSR Sales Monthly with information updated monthly.
  • BSR Sales Weekly with nearly Amazon’s real information.
  • Mover & Shaker with information updated each Wednesday.
  • Keyword tracking to track your or competitors’ keyword ranking: however, the keyword on the top twenty pages can be followed.
  • Sales tracking for watching competitor sales: USA, Japan, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, India, and Canada.

Seller Sprite Alternatives and Competitors List

Some of the platforms which can be used as an alternative are-

  • Sitechecker
  • Rankz
  • CanIRank
  • Topic
  • Website Rocket
  • LinkResearchTools (LRT)
  • Site Analyzer
  • Optijob
  • MarketingTracer
  • Free SEO Audit Tool
  • SEOCrawler
  • Pathfinder SEO
  • ClickFlow
  • Seodity

This tool can permit you to spy on competitors and track your current listings. If you wish for a tool to track your keywords daily and monthly, this tool is excellent for that. The production figures are averaged from many sources to maximize accuracy.

Seller Sprite is a decent method to arrange information from your rivals so you can improve your business and venture up your game (to cover theirs). Additionally, the broad scope of nations and zones that they do cover is an excellent correlation with different tools. The features available for free on this software are charged for on many platforms. With a trial period and three pricing plans is appreciable, the reverse keyword research is a feature that makes the product worth trying.

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