5 Best Book Arbitrage Software Tools: 2023 [FREE]

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Last updated on January 18th, 2023 at 05:53 am

Do you know that Amazon presents an opportunity for sellers to earn about hundreds of dollars a month just by book flipping on Amazon? If this is the first time you hear about this, let us discuss what book flipping means.

Book flipping which also goes by the name of book arbitrage, involves making most of the price difference between numerous markets and then enjoying the difference by generating profits. Although the process might sound complicated and tedious, in reality, it is straightforward if you figure it all out.

For instance, you can think of it as buying books at lower prices from yard sales or at thrift stores and then selling them to the consumers demanding them at higher rates. You can set the prices according to the demand for the books and accordingly you can enjoy your profits.

After getting promoted to the next class or session, every year, college and school students buy their books at lower prices in stores. Amazon uses intelligent algorithms to know when particular books are in demand, and therefore one can sell their books to Amazon and get money in exchange for it.

From a seller’s perspective, you can find retailers charging less money for the same books on Amazon. The money they charge you for their books is often lower than the amount Amazon will pay you for buying the books. So you can purchase the books from retailers and sell them to Amazon, and this is one of the classic examples of book flipping done right without really doing anything.

Often book flipping does not turn out as profitable as it is supposed to be because of many errors committed by sellers unknowingly. Therefore one should seek the help of a book arbitrage software.

Why Do You Need Book Arbitrage Tools and Software?

If you are looking forward to starting your journey as an arbitrator, then you might wonder why all of a sudden, you should begin using book arbitrage tools. If you want to run a successful arbitrage business, then nothing but only a book arbitrage tool will help you on your mission.

Here are some of the reasons which should answer your questions and clear your doubts:

  • Finding profitable deals
    There are millions of products listed online across umpteenth marketplaces, and all at different price ranges. If you try to manually gather all the information about the treasure products you can use, it will take much time and effort. Also, book flipping tools will compare prices across hundreds of eCommerce platforms to find the most profitable deals for you to invest in.
  • Selling products before your rivals.
    Before you enter into the book flipping industry, you should keep in mind that you would find numerous rivals as there are low barriers to entry in this particular business. Every rival would have the same intention, posting the products as quickly as possible to grab customers looking for deals. With the help of book arbitrage software, you will list products quickly and manage to sell them, gaining a competitive edge.
  • Find items having demand.
    Do you want to stock items that sell slowly or don’t sell at all? With the help of features like rank history and best sellers rank offered by a book arbitrage software, you will see which products are in huge demand currently. You will also be able to determine the effects of fluctuating prices and, therefore, invest in items with huge demand and stable prices.
  • Understanding of costs
    To be a successful arbitrage seller, you need an in-depth understanding of all your business expenses. There are many different costs involved, from purchase and shipping prices to Amazon FBA fees and a couple of other business costs. Unless and until you analyze all these costs, you would not set your profit margin. But thanks to product arbitrage software, it will help you understand your expenses pretty well to ensure that you make a profit on every sale you make.
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5 Best Book Arbitrage Tools and Software of 2023

Take a look at some of the best book arbitrage software tools that can help you succeed as an online seller.

1. Zen Arbitrage: Best Book Arbitrage Software Tool

If you have zero experience in the arbitrage selling industry, then this bookselling software will be the best for you. The tool is web-based, and therefore you don’t need to download any app or software in your system. To get started, all you have to do is to open an Amazon FBA seller account. Even if you have no relevant previous selling experience on Amazon, you need not worry because this tool will help you out with everything you need.

Zen Arbitrage Features

The book flipping software offers about 15 types of tools to help sellers make the most of Amazon selling.

  • Sellers would have access to about 21 million books database, and they can filter out the essential information by price, sales rank, condition of the items, and Amazon price.
  • The tool sends out price drop alerts instantly when the price of the books you are following decreases.
  • Zen Arbitrage offers up to 10 ways in which you can try arbitraging to make profits, including buying and selling leads, searching leads, and leads liquidation.
  • The software performs a ton of automation tasks on behalf of sellers, like scanning numerous sites for books and getting their FBA pricing and shipping costs to analyze your profits.
  • Sellers can learn how to navigate around the site by watching about 50 training videos join regular monthly webinars.

Pricing – You can try all the software features for free for five days without even providing your credit information. The paid plan will start after that, and it will cost you about $97/month, and you will be getting all the tools included.

2. eFlip: Online Arbitrage Software for FBA Sellers

eFlip is a book flipping software designed for Amazon FBA sellers, which helps the sellers to generate profits. It works by letting users determine profitable deals online, which they can buy at a lower price to sell it later at a higher price via FBA. The software is designed in a way so that it can derive information about rates and ranks of books featured on Amazon. eFlip allows the sellers to analyze everything related to their flipping business to calculate their potential profits by accessing essential sources of information.

eFlip Features

Here are some of the features offered by eFlip so that the sellers get the maximum FBA price:

  • With the help of the eFlip book tracker, you will be able to keep track of all your book purchases so that the purchase does not get forgotten over time, and all you have to do is download the spreadsheet.
  • If you are new in this business and wish to learn what your peers are searching for, you can do so by being a part of the eFlip Facebook group.
  • In the eFlip group, sellers can also ask questions and provide valuable feedback about the software, which would help the developers release an update, if necessary.
  • Whether you are a newbie in this segment or an experienced entrepreneur, you can always use some strategies you can find in the eFlip University.

Pricing – There is a 21day trial period during which all you have to do is be a community of the eFlip community. The “Paid books” plan is priced at $79/month, and if you want to access information of only vinyl, DVD, and CD, you will have to pay $29,$39, and $49 per month, respectively.

3. Sellzee: Best Software to Find Profitable Books on Amazon

Finding profitable books on Amazon for selling has never been easier before. Embark on your journey as an arbitrator seller by trusting in Sellzee scout solutions and reaching new heights every year. With the help of easy-to-use and smart tools offered by Sellzee, you will be able to boost your annual return every year.

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Sellzee Features

  • Sellzee offers a ton of exciting features, so that textbook arbitrage sellers don’t miss out on any profitable deals:
  • You can set buying triggers that will operate the way you want by matching your critical metrics in pricing and sales estimates.
  • It displays the information you need via easy-to-read charts and lets you determine your items’ sales rank at a glance so that sellers don’t get lost in the pool of information.
  • To grow your business at unimaginable levels, you can invite shoppers from all over the world so that they can source on your behalf, earning a commission at every sale they make.
  • To make intelligent scouting decisions, sellers need to determine their profitability, and Sellzee helps them by setting the price to maximize their profits.
  • Sellers can also make important buying and selling decisions by analyzing the insights delivered by Sellzee on their Apple watches.
  • As Sellzee is a subscription-based service, it continuously pays attention to user’s feedback and queries and therefore issues new features for development.

Pricing – Sellers can try out the services of Sellzee for free for 21days without giving any credit card information. After that, sellers have to pay according to the tools they will use for their arbitrage business.

4. Keepa: Price Tracking for Book Arbitrage

Keepa is considered one of the best price tracking and monitoring tools of the recent day, and therefore arbitrage sellers can make great use of it. Whenever you search any book or other media with the help of this tool, it will display the price history and the sales rank of the item right on its listing page. You can download the various extensions available to embed Keepa onto your browser for getting real-time alerts directly.

Keepa Features

  • Keepa lets you track the prices of about 800 million products available on Amazon.
  • The data is entirely exportable so that sellers can analyze the data to hunt out insights from it.
  • It sends out price-dropping alerts in about ten different local currencies.
  • You can use the product finder to search for any product and filter it based on specific categories.
  • Also, it lets you see the list of the best-selling products so that arbitrage sellers can buy those books to resell them at a higher price.
  • With the help of Keepa’s API or the pricing functionality, sellers would request live price, rank, availability, and buy box information of any item.

Pricing – Earlier, the software used to be completely free, but since 2019 it has been charging $15/month for its solutions.

5. Helium 10: Best Amazon Seller Tool for Book Arbitrage

If you are involved with Amazon as an arbitrage seller and as a retailer, you must invest in an all-in-one tool like Helium 10. Amazon sellers have developed the software; therefore, it understands the pain points of the sellers and aims to resolve them via its tools. The developers are also adding innovative features every year without charging sellers extra.

Helium 10 Features:

Helium 10 offers about ten different tools, specially curated for the sellers of Amazon, and it includes:

  • To spy on your rivals’ moves by checking the keywords they are using in their listings or the score of your keywords, you should use the Cerebro tool.
  • Arbitrage sellers looking forward to buying the most profitable deal online based on their preferences can use the Black Box functionality.
  • To find out the exact season or the time when the demand for a particular product gets high, sellers can employ the Trendster feature.
  • The X-ray is the extension of Helium 10. It works by researching catalog information, including the owner of the Buybox, rating, and reviews gained by a product, and lets you calculate your profitability.
  • There are email automation tools available to improve customer experience and add more value to your brand name, besides reducing negative reviews.
  • To optimize and automate your campaigns from the platform of Helium 10, you can use the Ads tool as it will let you view the top 5 products by spend and sales so that you can study your moves well.
  • If any arbitrage seller steals off your product listings, the tool alerts you about it so that you can report the action on Amazon.
  • To revisit your performance against your competitors, you can make your way to the market tracker.
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Pricing – There is a free plan available but with limited functionalities. In case you want advanced features, you can choose one of the four plans. Alacarte plan lets you choose the features you want, depending on your price. The Platinum, Diamond, and Elite plans are priced at $97/month, $197/month, and $397/month, respectively.

Online Book Arbitrage Business: Tips and Tricks

If, after reading about the impressive features of these book arbitrage software, you are willing to give book flipping on amazon a try, then you should keep the following tips in your mind:

  • While Amazon is where you will source most of your books, do not forget to search for lucrative deals on other eCommerce platforms.
  • Since the textbook season is the most profitable season of the year, you can stock up your inventory before the season starts to creep in.
  • The autobiographies of celebrities sell like hotcakes after they pass away, so keep your ears and eyes open.
  • Make use of the price history and the product demand functionality before investing in a purchase.
  • If you find an interesting book and it does not fall into your budget, keep the price alerts because someday it might be affordable for you.
  • Do not buy books whose description says that they are teachers editions or unsellable internationally on Amazon.
  • Remember that even if you are buying used books, make sure to invest in good-quality copies to get more prices.
  • Before the holiday season peaks up, grab a few seasonal books.
  • Do not buy everything you come across, and be careful and picky and take the time you need.

As all the options of book arbitrage tools enlisted in this article are best at their jobs, it might be difficult for you to choose your pick. So before coming to a decision, go through the book arbitrage reviews of sellers you will find online. Only by this will you get to know which tool would completely cater to your business requirements.

If you are starting anew, take it easy, go slowly, and avoid making pricer investments. Grab a copy of the free e-book to start with the book arbitrage business.

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