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5 Best Amazon to eBay Arbitrage Software Tools: 2021 Edition

Arbitrageurs know how to utilize the fluctuations in prices by making use of Amazon to eBay arbitrage automation tools. They are familiar with a niche market such as antique tapestries. A regular seller who specializes in this might try to market his product to antique collectors who are a limited market. But an Amazon to eBay arbitrage software user might buy the antique tapestry being sold on Amazon and market it on eBay as a vintage decoration piece for your home (and people looking to redecorate is a significantly larger market than antique collectors). The same seller might also increase the price by 10, 20 or 30 per cent and in many cases get his asking price on eBay.

How to Choose the Right eBay Arbitrage Tool?

Choosing the right tool for amazon to eBay arbitrage automation is crucial for your business. Your profits and business scalability depends significantly on the tool’s features, and how you manage to use it. The points listed below need to be kept in mind while choosing an amazon eBay arbitrage software. 

  • The number of stores in the tool’s database and how often are new stores added and the data is refreshed.
  • How detailed is the analytics and reporting of the tool
  • How strong is the algorithm being used by the tool
  • The amount of automation features present.
  • The number of relevant & essential features provided 
  • How user-friendly is the overall interface to use regularly
  • The kind of customer support is available. This is very important if you get stuck somewhere or are encountering any problem.

Tips on Amazon to eBay Arbitrage Automation

  1. Market research – You need to find out what’s in demand and find profitable opportunities to sell products. If you’re looking to set up a long term Amazon to eBay dropshipping business, you should consider investing in some market research software to help find profitable items.
  2. Items going out of stock and price changes – Many times it so happens that after you get an order on eBay, the seller on Amazon increases its price or worse, the product goes out of stock. Logically, there are two things you need to ensure.
    1. Your Amazon orders are placed as soon as you get a sale on eBay – this prevents items from becoming out of stock.
    2. Your eBay listings are automatically repriced when the price on Amazon changes – this prevents accidental losses from Amazon price changes.

Thus, it would be best if you use software to automate your eBay business.

The specific features you need to look for to prevent these issues are:

  • Auto-order: Software will automatically place orders on Amazon for you once you get a sale on eBay
  • Repricer: A basic eBay repricer can change the prices of your listings when the price on Amazon changes. More advanced repricing software can also change your prices according to your competitors on eBay to help you win more sales and make the maximum profit possible.
  1. Filtering items and optimizing your store – Finding items to sell, and listing them onto eBay is one thing. But you also need to regularly remove items that don’t sell to keep your store optimized. If you don’t, your costs with eBay will be unnecessarily high and could lose your search ranking.
  2. VeRO Violations – When you list hundreds or even thousands of items on eBay at a time, you run the risk of accidentally list an item that is protected by a trademark or copyright. But doing so could come at a high cost. If you breach eBay’s VeRO program (an acronym for Verified Rights Ownership), you could find yourself with a temporary or permanent suspension from the site, so it’s vital as an Amazon to eBay drop shipper that you find ways to avoid uploading VeRO items. There are tools in the market that do just this automatically.
  3. Being unable to provide Amazon item tracking – Amazon has its carrier network which only lets you view item tracking if you’re logged in to the Amazon account that ordered the item. And given that you aren’t about to share your Amazon account details with all your eBay buyers, you have a problem. Without providing item tracking, you’ll deal with more customer service queries and lose more cases on eBay. There are tools in the market that cater to this specific problem. They tag the Amazon tracking number to a third party tracking number, which can be shared with your eBay customers who can then see tracking details of the items.

5 Best Amazon to eBay Arbitrage Software

1. Zikanalytics

ZIK Analytics is a popular e-commerce market research tool that enables sellers to find profitable items on various markets and sell it on eBay. The tool suggests them how to effectively sell their items fast by ranking them on the first page. ZIK is powered with different tools that leverage the power of data analytics to find the best products, niches and categories. There is a free training academy, and a 7-day free trial is available via their website. Zik Analytics supports major eBay markets like the U.S, U.K, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia.


  • Store Analytics – Connect your store to ZIK Analytics to get unique insights into your seller performance.
  • Price Analytics – Get insights into how to price your products to get the most sales and profit.
  • Item Folders – Save the items you find and easily export them to all significant eBay listing software.
  • Manual Scanner – One-click to scan eBay products and source them from Amazon or Walmart
  • ZIK Booster Extension – The free browser extension can be used to check items for VeRO violations. You can also examine how many competitors sell the products you’re researching.

2. Salefreaks


    • SALESHUNTER is its exclusive and revolutionary tool in the market of Arbitrage software. SALESHUNTER tracks a list of eBay sellers that you choose the items they successfully sold in the last 24 hours and automatically lists them to your store daily. You no longer need to filter through sellers’ items or optimize your eBay titles.Features:
      • Locates high-profit items from Amazon to dropship on other marketplaces like eBay & Bonanza
      • Produces professional listings for your store effortlessly
      • Automatic repricing of your items to maximize profits
      • You can view communication history for all buyers in a simple dashboard.
      • Order and dispatch Amazon items without even lifting a finger.
        1. Orders automatically placed on Amazon within minutes
        2. Auto-upload buyers’ tracking information to eBay
        3. Analyze detailed profit statistics for every item.

3. Profit Scraper

Profit Scraper

Profit Scraper currently supports USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Italy. You can use the eBay arbitrage method worldwide. So if you live in the UK, you can list items on eBay UK and eBay USA and even other countries. It doesn’t matter because the location of the items is in the supplier’s warehouse (e.g. Amazon), so you use the supplier website where your customer lives and send the product directly to them!

Profit Scraper has a built-in protection mechanism which you can use as long as you are a member. If any other user tries to enter your eBay ID into Profit Scraper, it won’t let them search your listings.


  1.  You’ll be able to quickly see the sold count and watchers to identify items that you can sell yourself. Once you’ve found the items you want to sell, you can automatically upload these directly to your own eBay account. Profit Scraper clones images, description, product identifiers such as model numbers/UPC codes too!
  2. Profit Scraper will allow you to bulk upload all your chosen items directly to your eBay account with a couple of clicks. This will save you a HUGE amount of work. The imported items will contain a title, description, item specifics, photos as well as your shipping and returns information.
  3. Every 45 minutes, Profit Scraper will automatically check for stock/price changes on the supplier’s website and then update your listings on eBay automatically. As well as this, if you sell an item (making you out of Stock), Profit Scraper will update your item back to In-Stock within 10 minutes!
  4. Easily view sales and performance figures such as costs, fees and overall profits by day, week or month. Also see reports on historical price/stock updates, bulk uploads, Auto Ordering and more. They also include a powerful and unique Listing Conversion Report to help to track which listings are converting better so you can increase the profit margin of winning listings and de-list poor-performing listings!
  5. Profit Scraper includes eBay account protection. This means that if another user of ProfitScraper tries to search for your eBay listings, the tool will display an error message telling them that they cannot search that eBay seller because their account is protected. Also to protect your eBay account, they have an internal VERO database. Every time you upload items to eBay using Profit Scraper, they can check the brand of the product to ensure it’s not part of the eBay VERO program. As well as with this, you can also block specific keywords if needed too!

How to Use:

  1. Sign up and instantly receive your login details.
  2. Connect your eBay account and define your account settings.
  3. Scrape and bulk upload products to sell on eBay.
  4. Make money! That’s it.

The method mentioned above applies to all the software and tools I have talked about regarding Amazon to eBay arbitrage. I have not repeated this information with the sole intention of not to bore you up with my repetition.

4. PriceYak

PriceYak began ten years ago as a proprietary system for Amazon to eBay dropship arbitrage. PriceYak has inspired a wave of look-alike services. But PriceYak’s superior speed, reliability and advanced features make it the secret weapon of choice for today’s largest dropship sellers. PriceYak is the most advanced automation suite for retail dropship arbitrage. PriceYak supports selling on eBay, Amazon, or Shopify and sourcing from many retailers including Amazon (.com, .ca and .co.uk), Walmart, and Costco. PriceYak’s tools automate the operation of your store so you can free you and your staff’s time for the most important thing: growing your business.


  1. Listing Creation- Create thousands of beautiful listings in seconds by merely entering the product ID you’d like to list.
  2. Reprising- PriceYak’s state-of-the-art repricer catches changes in price or availability at the source market extremely quickly then algorithmically adjusts your listing, ensuring you’ll never make a sale at a loss or that you can’t fulfil.
  3. Order Fulfillment- PriceYak AutoOrdering places the order at the source within minutes of receiving an order from your customer. No hassle, no ordering teams, and minimal risk.
  4. Store Stats- Store Stats page shows you listing, and order counts over time, breakdown of listings by the retailer, profit histogram, and more.
  5. Bulk listing Editor- Bulk Listing Editor lets you tag or edit per-listing settings in size with a simple CSV upload.

5. Pricematik

Pricematik Review Thriftypence

This software is pretty much similar to Profit Scrapper. It finds profitable items and clones them in seconds, eliminating hours of research. You can create one or hundreds of listings from their supported suppliers at the blink of an eye. Moreover, your prices are updated automatically and synchronized with your suppliers. It also optimizes your business and drives more sales with up-to-date inventory analytics.


  1. The Scrapper can find profitable items your competitors are selling and save them in a bulk list so you can upload them on your eBay account.
  2. Creates a listing by entering a product URL from a supported supplier. Automatically extract and populate title, images, description and other listed properties.
  3. Synchronizes your listing prices with the retailer. Disables your listing when the retailer is out-of-stock.
  4. Automatically place orders on the supplier’s website as soon as the transaction completes. Ships directly to your customer address. It uploads tracking numbers when they are available.


Amazon Arbitrage or Amazon-eBay Arbitrage is a great way to earn money. To do so, you’ll need to list and monitor somewhere over 500 items. The only way to do this successfully is to use an amazon eBay arbitrage software. While there are several products on the market, only a few offer true amazon to eBay arbitrage automation. It is essential to do thorough research before choosing any eBay arbitrage tool. Most of the tools have trial plans which you can avail. Ultimately the right amazon eBay arbitrage software for you would be the one that solves your purpose without burning a hole in your pocket, and which is easy to use and maintain.

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Analytics- Viral Launch, Hello Profit

Product Research- AMZScout 

Keyword Research- AMZtracker 

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