BuyBotPro vs Tactical Arbitrage Review: 2023

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Last updated on January 18th, 2023 at 05:53 am

The internet has been a true blessing to mankind as it has opened up a plethora of options before us. Be it connecting to our near and dear ones, expanding our knowledge base by learning and earning profits by selling our offerings. We have all been hooked up to Amazon since it has started its operations as the largest eCommerce platform. While initially, most were keen to shop from Amazon and make the most of its convenience, traditional sellers have also been inspired to sell their items in the virtual marketplace in recent times. Amazon has also surpassed retail stores just after a few months it has started operating, and it can be mostly owed to the variety of goods it offers. It also provides convenience to customers. If you wish to be a seller, entrepreneur, or business owner, Amazon is the best place to start your journey. Individuals who have the knack to make money quickly without running helter-skelter have found Amazon to be the right platform.

To become an FBA seller on Amazon, all you have to do is open up a seller account on Amazon. You will have to list your product pages and send your products to Amazon, and whenever a shopper places an order for your product, Amazon ships it to them. It is pretty simple, and if your products are of decent quality and the prices are reasonable, and as per the industry standards, you would be able to earn profits within no time. However, if you don’t have a unique product idea in your mind, don’t let your dream of becoming an entrepreneur slip away. It would be best if you began by selecting a domain of product you wish to sell, like electronics, fashion, food. You should then hunt for manufacturers of the product and crack a deal to obtain permission to sell the product on Amazon.

Apart from this, another business idea that has been benefitting numerous sellers is the book arbitraging business. Book flipping refers to buying a book from thrift stores and yard sales and then selling at a higher price to obtain profits. This has turned out to be one of the easiest ways to earn millions, even if you are not selling a product invented by you. If it sounds overwhelming, then there is no need to get stressed because if you have a book arbitrage software as your guide, things will be favourable.

Why Do You Need a Retail Arbitrage Bot?

Before delving deep to know why every book arbitrator should employ a retail arbitrage bot in their business, you should understand what involves retail arbitraging. Retail arbitrage is a simple concept; you buy the products at a lower or discounted price to sell them at a higher price to earn profits. The critical difference between a retail seller and an arbitrage seller is that you have to buy the goods from other retailers and not from wholesalers or suppliers, which happens in the former case.

So, if you are considering making your career as an arbitrage seller, then here are some of the key benefits you will enjoy:

Saving time: The ultimate job of an arbitrage seller is to hunt for profitable deals across various eCommerce platforms. If you try to do it manually, then it would probably take ages, and even if you manage to find something, your rivals would list their products and steal all your customers. But when you start using a retail arbitrage bot, it helps you identify profitable deals quickly before your rivals get to know about it so that you can use it to your advantage.

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Buy the right products only: Since you will have to rely on profits earned by selling a product at a steeper price, you should always be on the lookout for products that are in high demand currently. Will you want to buy items that will be challenging to sell because they don’t have demand in the market? A product arbitrage tool can show you the top-selling products, thus preventing you from making any mistakes of investing in a product that will sit in your inventory.

Selling products quickie: After entering this industry of arbitrage items, you will realize that there are way more competitors than you previously thought. Mostly, the entry barriers posed by this industry are few, and the initial investment sellers need to make is meager. To win this competition, you need to list your products as soon as you buy them, to grab competitors before your rivals get the chance to plan their moves. You will always have to look for ways to gain an early mover advantage. When you use an arbitrage bot, the tools will select the products for you as soon as it is available to post it and catch the attention of shoppers looking forward to buying the product.

Understanding your profit margin: Regardless of your experience as an arbitrage seller, you might face some difficulty understanding the cash flow in your business or calculating the generated profits. Well, worry no more because the online arbitrage software will analyze all the expenses associated with your business to make you understand your desired profit margins.

In a nutshell, an online arbitrage software will guarantee you maximum profits in every deal you manage to crack.

BuyBotPro Vs. Tactical Arbitrage: Platform Overview

To find out the best between BuyBotPro Vs. Tactical Arbitrage, we will start by giving a brief overview of both the seller research software.

Buybotpro comes in an all-in-one online product sourcing tool that a UK company introduced. It delivers its solutions to sellers operating from the UK, Europe, and the US. It comes in the form of an extension that sellers can directly embed in their browsers to get real-time updates about the drop in desired product prices, attractive deals. This bot offers a complete set of 20 tools to help you with a ton of tasks, including calculating your profit, speeding up sourcing, determining sellers and buyers ranks. It also reveals the fees that arbitrage sellers would need to pay to resell a product on Amazon. You would get to know the complete list of features of BuyBotPro from the next section of this buybotpro review.

Tactical Arbitrage is another product sourcing tool specially designed to benefit arbitrage sellers in numerous ways. With this tool, you can source product information from more than 1000 eCommerce sites from all over the world. You would be able to search products by category and check out only profitable deals; you can filter it by factors like ROI and sales rank. To help sellers find out only the matching and profitable products, Tactical Arbitrage uses image-matching algorithms.

Do you want to get more info about Tactical Arbitrage? Then follow this in-depth tactical arbitrage review.

BuyBotPro Vs. Tactical Arbitrage: Features Comparison

These are some of the features offered by BuyBotPro:

  • With the help of the sales history analyzer, you will check the items’ historical prices and how much they are selling, and at what prices.
  • Since human beings tend to make mistakes while calculating truckloads of business expenses, this tool will effectively help you determine your ROI.
  • In the book arbitrage industry, you will have numerous competitors, but to know how many sellers are there in your listing would prove to be an added advantage.
  • Some sellers are not allowed to sell some products because they have restricted access to the categories, brands, and even ASINs, and this tool will inform you about it.
  • The smart tools check whether you have been competing with Amazon to sell your product so that you can brace yourself and make strategic moves.
  • If you don’t want to pay high shipping fees, you should avoid buying and selling oversized and bulky items, and the software will alert you about the size of the product.
  • ButBotPro will analyze the quality of a deal in less than 5 seconds besides suggesting to you the maximum amount you should buy by checking your budget, selling speed of the item, etc.
  • To make a good buying decision, you need to all the fees involved in the deal; BuyBotPro does it for you by breaking down the fees.
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Tactical Arbitrage also has a staggering list of features:

  • With the help of its unique matching algorithm, this tool will search for your preferred items across 1000 virtual marketplaces, both big and small, and without needing your supervision.
  • To help sellers get a more accurate ROI calculator, the bot adds in estimated costs of all kinds and allows you to filter your data based on numerous metrics.
  • If you want to buy items from a wholesaler, worry not because Tactical Arbitrage will set out on the journey to find profitable deals.
  • The advance will help sellers analyze the Buybox competitors and the numerous data points so that they can choose the right price point to list their products and make maximum profit.
  • Make the most of the reverse search and scan thousands of ASINs to determine other profitable sources to buy from, other than Amazon.
  • Regardless of the condition of books you want to buy, refurbished, or new, the search algorithms of this software will source it for you, provided it delivers a positive ROI.

BuyBotPro Vs. Tactical Arbitrage: Benefits

To understand more about the arbitrage tools comparison, let’s check at some of the benefits offered by BuyBotpro to the arbitrage sellers.

  • The profit calculator offers accurate profit margin and ROI figures for every item a seller considers a purchase.
  • Amazon sellers would determine which products they cannot sell on Amazon because of imposed restrictions.
  • The BuyBotPro reveals the percentage score of how strong a deal is, and the higher the score, the more profitable the deal is.
  • The customer service is helpful and will always reply to your queries and solve your problems by launching new updates.
  • The platform is super simple to use, and newbies can easily navigate numerous eCommerce websites and find various deals.
  • You can customize it the way you want to gather the results of your preferences.

Tactical Arbitrage also offers a lot of attractive benefits, which includes:

  • You can analyze product lists from wholesalers and crack if the deal is estimated to be profitable as per the metrics.
  • Sellers would be able to filter data to find profitable leads which will completely meet your criteria.
  • The advanced matching algorithm will generate only profitable listings to prevent sellers from making wrong purchase decisions and waste money and time.
  • The tool will run multiple scans across various virtual marketplaces for you and send you an email whenever the scan is complete.
  • It is mobile-friendly and also supports multiple Amazon platforms.
  • The tool will show you which products can be bought at a low price to resell them later at a higher price.

BuyBotPro Vs. Tactical Arbitrage: Pricing

BuyBotPro has two packs to offer for those who wish to pay monthly:

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The first plan charges you $34.95, and the second one is priced at $44.95, and the only difference between the two in terms of features is that the latter plan offers to safeguard against the suspension.

If you choose to pay annually, you will have to pay $29.95 and $39.95 for the first and second planes, respectively. As a result, you will be able to save $5/ month, regardless of the BuyBotPro plan you choose. Also, you can sign up for free and enjoy the trial period of 14 days.

Tactical Arbitrage has introduced more plans so to suit every seller budgetary and business needs:

There are about four plans and the pricier the plans, the more features you will enjoy. However, if you opt to pay annually, you will save about 25% on every plan. Regardless of the plan you pick, you can enjoy it for free for seven days.

BuyBotPro Vs. Tactical Arbitrage: User Reviews

As per the online arbitrage deals review of BuyBotPro,

“Absolutely amazing, great work. You’ve taken all your knowledge and devised software that we could all use which will make our lives and businesses easier, thank you.” -Wendy Cook said.

“Takes me about 1.5 hours a day to analyze 70/80 leads every day…With this, I am sure I could do it all in 15! Thank you!” -according to Jack Sparks.

As per the users, Tactical Arbitrage is:

“Tactical Arbitrage has helped us create a life-changing income for our family. We were able to travel for 2 months solid while TA worked in the background finding products for us.”-according to Cherry.

Sean from Canada says – “I’ve used many tools, and Tactical Arbitrage is by far the BEST out there, genuinely focused on its user’s needs and experience.”

Summary: Is BuyBotPro better than Tactical Arbitrage?

When it comes to cracking online arbitrage deals, both the book arbitrage tools are par with each other. Both the software are equally effective when it comes to helping arbitrage sellers to maximize their ROI.

After reading the BuyBotPro Vs. Tactical Arbitrage review, you will understand that BuyBotPro offers 20 tools for detailed online sourcing. And for Tactical Arbitrage, the solutions are simple, functional, and easy to use. You will have to select your pick based upon your book arbitrage business requirements. We recommend signing up with ‘BuyBotPro‘.

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