Cleerplatinum Review: Best Online Retail Arbitrage Software 2023

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Last updated on January 18th, 2023 at 01:35 pm

Cleer Platinum is an online arbitrage software providing product sourcing solutions for Amazon and eBay retailers. The offered services allow sellers to find product info, product history, product sales data quickly, check Amazon listings from any eBay page, view Addall or Abebooks data, view Alibaba or AliExpress info, and additionally online clearance sourcing grid, best-selling ebooks on sourcing and selling on Amazon & eBay and Cleer Platinum ‘Quick View’ software.

Cleer Platinum is a chrome add-on when searching Amazon listings, you can get the tool to search the selected online stores to find the item cheaper. Or it works in reverse go onto a stores site and gets Cleer Platinum to find it less expensive on Amazon.

Cleerplatinum Review: Features

Easy, convenient and saves you time: Get started in minutes. You’ll be a power sourcer no time.

For resellers, booksellers, even private labellers: Answer ‘can I make a profit on this item?’ with as

Free 7 day trial: Test drive all features, risk-free!

BONUS: ‘Quick View’ browser extension

Quick arbitrage info:

Cleerplatinum Review: Ease of Use

To download Cleer Platinum, first ensure that you are using the free Chrome browser. Then go to and log in with the same username and password you used when you signed up for CleerPlatinum. Then click ‘Download’ in the top menu. On the download page, you’ll see the green rectangular “Download Cleer Platinum” button on the left. Click that button. A new page will open up. Click the button that says “Add to Chrome”. You will then have Cleer Platinum installed in your browser.

Important step: To activate Cleer Platinum, go to You should see a blue circle near the upper right corner of the page. To activate your Cleer Platinum software, click that blue bubble and log in with the username and password you selected when you purchased Cleer Platinum. After you’re logged in, you can test to see if Cleer Platinum is working by searching for any product on Amazon. After your search, you will see buttons on the search results page and buttons on an individual product page.

To clarify if it is running, you’ll see our ‘monitor’ icon near the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Also, if you type in your browser chrome://extensions, you should see the Cleer Platinum extension, and there should be a checkbox checked that says ‘enabled’ (See this screenshot) . Also see this video for what you should see on,, and other shopping sites (,, etc.)

Cleerplatinum Review: Benefits

Cleer Platinum is a Chrome browser extension that gives you quick access to a variety of sites and sourcing opportunities online. It places buttons to access information for the particular item the button is under on the site you are sourcing from. For example, the below image shows the buttons it creates on Walmart’s site.

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The “E.C.” button is eBay completed listings for that item. This is valuable even if you do not sell on eBay, because it can show you the demand for a given item. The “E” button is for an eBay search for current listings for that item. The “A” button is for Amazon’s listing(s) for that item. For most of the famous sites, you will be sourcing from online Cleer Platinum will add the buttons under each item to make research easy with the click of a button. What if Cleer Platinum does not add buttons to a rare site you are sourcing from? They made it easy with the ability to search for an item on ANY website using Cleer Platinum and to highlight the item and choosing which site you want to research the item on.

With Cleer Platinum creating buttons on most sites or giving you the feature to highlight and research from any site, it covers all your online arbitrage research needs.

You can see on Amazon it has numerous buttons for each item, like CamelCamelCamel, Keepa, Alibaba, AliExpress,, Google, eBay Completed Listings, eBay Current Listings, and you can even search all of those sites with one click by clicking “All.”

Cleerplatinum Review: Sites

  • Amazon search results
  • Dillards
  • eBay products

Cleerplatinum Review: Pricing

Cleer Pro

This is LIFETIME access for FREE. With just a click you can view the:

…and in two clicks, you can:

  • view products on any store at eBay
  • View completed listings on eBay at any product of their stores

You will also receive automatic lifetime updates with Cleer Pro.

Cleer Platinum

A LIFETIME access for $119! In an instant, you can view the Amazon sales rank history and Amazon price history. The automatic lifetime updates are also included in this product. Moreover, in just one click, you can:

  • view any product on eBay
  • check for Amazon listings on any eBay page
  • view the eBay sales of any products
  • get an information from a significant store in eBay or Amazon
  • view data of Addall or Abebooks
  • get the info of Abebooks or AliExpress

You will also be provided with the following books and guides for FREE!

  • The best-selling eBooks about selling and sourcing that can guide you through eBay and Amazon at a value of $25 is given for FREE.
  • For more than $20, the Cleer Platinum ‘Quick View’ software is offered for FREE.
  • Moreover, the guide for Online Clearance Sourcing can be accessed for FREE when it is sold for $47!

Now, you do not have to worry if you are not satisfied with their products and services. Cleer platinum assures you with their 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cleerplatinum Review: Affiliate Program

The program is free to join, easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. Affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet and offer website owners an additional way to profit from their websites. Affiliates generate traffic and sales for commercial websites and in return, receive a commission payment.

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When you join our affiliate program, you will be supplied links that you place within your site. When a user clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to our website, and our affiliate software will track their activity. You will earn a commission based on your commission type.

Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your banners are performing and get Real-Time Statistics and Reporting.

Cleerplatinum Review: Reviews

Here are a few reviews of users who are currently using Cleer:

“Cleer Platinum is a killer tool for anyone who spends any amount of time sourcing online. I use it every day, and the time it saves me is worth way more than the cost of the tool.”- Gary Baird (Amazon mega-seller, co-creator of

“I love Cleer Platinum. In just one evening, I found $700 of items online that will give me a 50-85% ROI. Your software made it so much simpler and faster.”- Julie Allegra (Amazon seller)

“Sheer brilliance. Jordan Malik has created what might become the staple for Online Arbitrage...Grab it now and start raking in the profits.”- George Nieves (Owner,

Cleerplatinum Review: Competitors

Source Mogul

Source Mogul is the best automated online sourcing software available on the market right now. You can use this tool to help you comb through hundreds of online retail stores and automatically compare the store’s database with that of Search filters make it easy to see exactly the types of products you want to sell and that they meet your business model’s criteria. Example, search by ROI, cost of the item, net profit, category and more. It is also easy to add site-wide discounts to the search so you can know the profit after any exclusive savings offers you may have available.


Swagbucks launched in 2005 and is unique in that it offers cashback or gift cards for more than just shopping. You can earn points by doing things like shopping, taking surveys, even watching videos. Here are some of our best tips for using Swagbucks to get cashback online using Swagbucks.


CheckPermission LogoCheckPermission is a simple extension that can save you tons of time and prevent costly mistakes. When you’re doing Retail Arbitrage and need to check restrictions, it’s easy enough to check on the Amazon Seller App. You’re probably already checking your profit and fees there anyway. But with Online Arbitrage, I find that I’m more likely to forget to check for brand and category restrictions while sourcing. And the last thing you want to do with online sourcing is ordered a ton of inventory….that you can’t even sell on Amazon! CheckPermission is a Chrome extension that loads on Amazon product detail pages. It links to your Amazon Seller account and shows your restriction status with a simple Red or Green Box. This streamlines your workflow and saves the step of copying/pasting the ASIN into “Add a Product” in Seller Central.

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Jungle Scout comes in a Chrome extension or a web app. You can use the Jungle Scout estimator to get an idea of how many of an item will sell in a month to help you guess how many you can sell. The web app gives you a product database that enables you to search and filter quickly. You can track products, too, and keep an eye on your competition. The app is also helpful for finding new niches.

The extension provides monthly sales and revenue estimates, average rating and a number of reviews, category and bestseller ranks, and additional features, depending on whether you choose the Lite or the Pro version. The extension is a one-time fee of $97 for Lite or $197 for Pro. The web app is a subscription-based service billed annually and offers three tiers that allow you to track different amounts of products.

Summing Up

If you source products or research them online, you can immediately see how Cleer Platinum would save you a lot of time. I use it regularly, and they are continually adding features to it. There is only a one time fee, so you do not have to worry about endless monthly fees. If you want to watch a video showing it in action, then please go to

If you do Retail Arbitrage, there is always a risk that you will buy something and then find out that your item is restricted on Amazon. Well, there is an inexpensive service that can help prevent that.

It’s called Cleer Platinum. Experienced Amazon (U.S.) sellers, use Check Permission for an instant, on-page notification that tells them whether not they are authorized to sell any Amazon product!

So use the product and let us know your experience with it.

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