10 Best Dropshipping Arbitrage Software Tools [FREE]: 2023

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Last updated on January 18th, 2023 at 05:53 am

Dropshipping is an order fulfilment methodology that doesn’t need a business to keep products in stock. Instead, the shop sells the product and passes on the sales order to a third-party supplier, who then ships the order to the client. The most significant difference between dropshipping and the customary retail model is that the selling merchant doesn’t stock or own inventory. Instead, the seller purchases inventory as required from a 3rd party—usually a distributor or manufacturer—to fulfil orders.

Why Do You Need Dropshipping Arbitrage Tools?

Everything starting from taking the orders to sending automated email or instant customer support is significant for a profitable business. Then you might find Dropshipping to be very lucrative when you get to use tools that can make your venture more profitable. It’s not recommended to use all the tools during the initial period of your business. Use a few essential ones to start your business.

10 Best Dropshipping Arbitrage Software Tools of 2023

From the outset, doing a profitable dropshipping business may appear to be an intense undertaking. However, with the emerging tools dropship, you will find several dropshipping tools available to help you create a more profitable business. A lot of dropshipping processes will be simplified and automated if you know how to make good use of dropshipping tools. Then let’s take a look at the top 10 powerful dropshipping tools for growing your business.

1. Helium 10: Free Dropshipping Arbitrage Software Tool

Helium 10’s software package Suite can benefits you over your competitors as it was designed and battle-tested by top Amazon sellers. Therefore, if you wish for more sales, more time, lower PPC costs, and if you want to get hidden keywords your competitors do not use, begin using helium 10 — similar tools top Amazon sellers use daily.


  • SEO Management
  • Cerebro
  • Black Box
  • Trendster
  • Xray

Price – Helium 10 pricing starts at $97.00 per month. There’s a free version. Helium 10 offers a free trial.

2. Amztracker: Best Dropshipping Arbitrage Software Tool

AMZ Tracker is a channel management software that is a system designed to improve product rankings inside of Amazon using Amz analytics.

Cloud-based Amazon sales and rank tracking platforms allow online businesses of all sizes to manage product promotion, conversion, and more using keyword research, super URLs, email reports, and other tools.


  • Emаіl rероrtѕ
  • Negative review аlеrtѕ
  • On-раgе analyzer to optimize your listing
  • Prоduсt promotion through a private sellers marketplace
  • Prоmо vоuсhеr sends
  • Sаlеѕ trасkіng
  • Competitor аnаlуѕіѕ
  • Keyword rеѕеаrсh tool (and a long tаіl keyword search tool as well)

Price – AMZ Tracker offers four pricing plans

  • Basic: $50
  • Professional: $100
  • God Mode: $200
  • Legend: $400

3. Tactical Arbitrage: Best Dropshipping Sourcing Software Tool

Tactical Arbitrage is an online arbitrage tool for Amazon and eBay sellers, with support to supply from around a thousand sites globally. It can find by category, filter by essential values like ROI and sales rank, and include preparation and shipping estimates.

Using an image-matching algorithm and UPCs, sellers can with confidence determine matching and profitable products. An Inclusive sourcing tool, dedicated page for Amazon sellers, and wholesale manifest scanning tools also are included.

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  • Filter Data to Find Leads That Meet Your Criteria
  • Advanced Matching Algorithm
  • Global Cache
  • SMS and Email Alerts
  • Supports Multiple Amazon Platforms
  • Works Well on Mobile
  • Find Amazon to Amazon Flips

Price – Its monthly subscription ranges from $40 to $90, depending on the chosen plan.

4. PriceYak: Best eBay Dropshipping Arbitrage Software Tool

PriceYak began twelve years ago as a proprietary system for Amazon to eBay dropship arbitrage. PriceYak has motivated a flood of carbon copy services. However, PriceYak’s superior speed, reliableness, and advanced options make it the crucial weapon of selection for today’s largest dropship sellers.

PriceYak is the most exceptional computerization suite for retail dropship arbitrage. PriceYak supports selling on eBay, Amazon, or Shopify and sourcing from several retailers together with Amazon (.com, .ca, and .co.uk), Walmart, and Costco. PriceYak’s tools automatize the operation of your store; therefore, you can free you and your staff’s time for the most necessary thing: growing your business.


  • Listing Creation
  • Repricing
  • Order Fulfillment

Price – The entry-level pricing for less than 150 listing items is $29 a month. The more items are listed, the price decreases per listing. They range from $0.20 per listing per month for a listing count of 150 items to $0.08 per listing per month for a listing count of 30,000 items. PriceYak’s Listing Creation feature is free to use.

5. ProfitScrapper: Best Dropshipping Arbitrage Software Tool


ProfitScraper is a tool that has the ultimate answer for several online Ecommerce such as Amazon, Costco, eBay, and stock. They support websites in the United Kingdom, USA, and EU.

It is helpful if you need to research and come to the top 1000’s Hot selling things that are the same as those you’re targeting and prospecting.


  • Hot Item Finder (searches/day)
  • Bulk Upload to eBay (products/month)
  • Price/Stock Monitoring (by mins)
  • Amazon Auto Ordering (cents/order)
  • Amazon USA/UK/EU
  • Overstock.com
  • Walmart.com
  • CostCo UK/USA
  • Automatic VERO protection
  • Blocked Words/Sellers/ASINs
  • Unlimited eBay Accounts
  • Unlimited VA Accounts
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Automatic Tracking Upload
  • Private Facebook Community
  • 1-2-1 Coaching (30 Mins)
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base
  • Live Chat Support

Price – Depending on the number of listings that may wanna have access to after the scraping, the monthly pricing varies. It goes from $47/month for 500 listings*, $2,500/month for 100,000 listings.

6. Oagenius: Best Dropshipping Arbitrage Software Tool

OAGenius helps arbitrage sellers discover opportunities, list products, manage inventory, monitor prices and dropship orders. They have two products that can be used separately or together. Sage, the first product, is for monitoring prices and stock levels, repricing listings, and adjusting the quantity available as needed. Gravity is another product sourcing extension that helps customers find profitable products and analyze viable products in bulk.


  • Gravity: Product sourcing.
  • Sage: Inventory, Price, and orders


  • Sage plans from $175 to $975 per month (additional users and listings can be purchased).
  • Gravity plan is $79 per month.
  • Combine Sage and Gravity from $224.

Trial Length: 7 days

7. Salefreaks: Best Ebay Dropshipping Arbitrage Software Tool

SaleFreaks is a dropshipping automation software system designed for Amazon-to-eBay arbitrage dropshippers. SaleFreaks underpins sourcing from Amazon and listing to eBay, Bonanza, and Shopify.

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  • The Locator
  • The Price Agent
  • The Ticket Sales System
  • The list Generator
  • The Translator

Price – Pricing relies on the number of listings and auto-orders, from $30 per month for one hundred listings and no auto-orders.

Trial Length: fourteen days

8. Profit Spy: Best Dropshipping Arbitrage Software Tool for Amazon

Profit Spy locates products to sell from the Amazon.com marketplace to eBay. Profit Spy finds products quickly, with detailed stats, reviews, colour-coded profit indicators, Amazon value updates, and more.


  • Spare days worth of time finding items to flip
  • Stay up-to-date with Amazon price fluctuations
  • View item purchase history
  • Locate and export your findings to CSV
  • Export Amazon ASIN numbers
  • Say goodbye to annoying fee calculations
  • Side-by-side product images
  • Product feedback stats

Price –

  • $67/mth for Agent Plan (Basic)
  • $97/mth for Detective Plan (Pro)
  • $127/mth for Secret Spy Plan (Elite)

9. Jungle Scout: Best Dropshipping Arbitrage Software Tool

JungleScout puts Amazon’s entire catalogue at your fingertips. It efficiently channels items over numerous classifications by request, cost, evaluated deals, rating, regularity, measurements, and more to pinpoint the best items to sell. This is a collection of tools specially designed for Amazon keyword researching, sourcing, listing optimization, sales estimator, PPC analysis, product scouting, and niche hunting. Jungle Scout is part of the set of tools offered by a similar company together with Forecastly, Fetcher, Jumpsend, or Splitly. A number of these tools are integrated into Jungle Scout’s core.


  • Product database
  • Jungle Scout Alerts
  • Supplier database
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Product tracker
  • Keyword scout
  • Product launcher
  • Sales analytics

Price – It has three pricing plans Basic for $19, Suit for $49, and Professional for $109

10. Skugrid: Best Dropshipping Arbitrage Software Tool

SKU Grid is a repricing and price tracking tool that supports multiple suppliers (currently over five hundred suppliers) and works perfectly with different marketplaces. Prices are updated as usual every half hour. Sellers can choose to update price, stock status, or both using customizable pricing formulas. SKU Grid can screen the cost and inventory status of every individual item variety, including domestic shipping charges.


  • Multi-Store Management
  • Price optimization Automation
  • Competing Product Analysis
  • Price List Management

Price – SKU Grid pricing starts at $14.99 per month, per user. They don’t have a free version.SKU Grid offers a free trial.

11. Price Fox: Ebay Dropshipping Arbitrage Software Tool

Price fox is a solution tailored for eBay Dropshipping with many suppliers and extra features. They continuously add stuff. There is an active team of drop shippers backing up the software with customer support, troubleshooting. It gives you the whole eBay active list. Competitor Research & Analysis. A new feature has already been added to Pricefox, and this is Competitor Research.


  • Revising Services
  • SEO eBay Lister
  • Stock Checker – Monitor – eBay Repricer
  • Competitor Research & Analysis
  • Bulk Services
  • Virtual Assistants (VA)
  • Vero & Duplicate Protection
  • API

Price – Pricing starts from $14.99 and goes up to $599.99. It provides the facility of a three-day trial.

12. Zik Analytics: Best Dropshipping Arbitrage Software Tool

ZIK Analytics is a popular e-commerce market research tool that assists sellers in finding profitable items to sell on eBay and different commercial markets. It suggests to them the best way to sell their things quickly by ranking them on page 1. Included with ZIK is a wide range of tools that utilize the intensity of analytics information to locate the best items, specialities, and classifications alongside a free training academy. A 7-day free trial is available via their website.

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  • Data Management
  • Email / Online
  • Statistical Analysis

Price – ZIK Analytics pricing starts at $29.99 per month. They don’t have a free version.ZIK Analytics offers a free trial.

13. Alitools.io: Free AliExpress Dropshipping Arbitrage Software Tool

Alitools screens price changes for items on AliExpress, shows seller trust levels, looks through items, gives genuine reviews, and tracks packages. AliTools brings to the table right on your smartphone! You can track price histories in the application and get additional offers on purchases made with the AliExpress Android and iOS apps. It can be accessed in a few simple steps listed below:

  • Install the browser extension
    In just a few clicks, you are set to go.
  • Go to the product page.
    Log in to AliExpress, and find the products that you like most.
  • Check the price, seller, and products.

Compare prices for products, select a seller, watch genuine reviews, and make your purchase.


  • Price history
  • Check seller
  • Product reviews
  • Similar products

Price – The app and the extension are free to download and use.

Owning a dropshipping business means that hard work is essential to manage various tasks and processes and beat the ever-growing competition. Therefore, investing in a dropshipping tool to track stocks and prices or a market research tool to target the hot-selling products should be an immediate requirement.

Many dropshipping tools help save time and money, business automation, research and marketing, improving results, and much more. Every dropshipping tool has its pros and cons and might be helpful for different sellers, but try the free software solutions before you start paying for the service.

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