Best Alternatives For Amazon Sellers:2023

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Last updated on January 18th, 2023 at 01:34 pm

Egrow is a one-stop destination for amazon sellers. Accessibility and ease of understanding of data are what the modern man requires. Thus Egrow does its work by providing you with these facilities by analyzing millions of products on the Amazon marketplace and presenting it to you in easy to understand charts and figures. Time is of the essence when it comes to the market, and hence Egrow understands its value by doing swift analysis and finding the products suitable for you to sell.

Egrow offers all necessities needed to enhance your business to the next level for one single price. If you are just a toddler in the game, then Egrow ensures that it becomes your guiding light on the path of success. Or, if you are well versed in the field, then Egrow lets you monitor your progress and outpace your competitors. 

How to Choose the Right Product Research Tools for Amazon FBA

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The first step to any ordeal is to have a clear idea of what you are setting out to do. And as in any business venture, choosing and finalizing on a kick-ass product is a first and foremost critical step in kicking things off. And after deliberating on all the requirements for selecting an item, we then move on to decide what all will be the crucial necessities we need to have on our journey, and this is where our amazon research product tools come in.

Rather than directly analyzing the data of sales and its corresponding ratings, which tend to be a tedious process, these research tools enable us to save a lot of time and effort. The method of going through the hot selling items, bestseller list, images, bullets, descriptions, the competition involved, listings, and much more can be done quickly via such tools. Moreover, demand for the product, as well as its easiness to be sold off, also have to be checked by cross-referencing with data even to locate the flow of sales, which determines whether the product needs to be listed always or seasonally. And in the end, our returns need to be calculated by factoring other costs such as shipping and customer care.

All this data can be collected by visiting the websites ourselves, cross-checking the products, and analyzing it, but in the end, it still ends up just wasting time.

Hence the one solution to all these troubles is to use anamazon product research tool and make things easier. All the functions you need will be obtained from a single source with no other discrepancies to worry about. These tools are tailored made to suit your needs of knowing the reviews, sales, revenues, and much more in a systemized and effective manner. It is a quick way to navigate through your business as a whole.

Free Alternatives for Amazon Sellers

Let’s dwell more into these tools as well as a few alternatives for amazon sellers.

1. Sellersprite

Sellersprite is a highly integrated software that allows the amazon seller to monitor and grow his business. It provides a complete set of tools that enables one to strengthen their SEO, track product metrics and progress, marketing, to discover products, and much more. Data is more or less the same as original amazon data, and it can be utilized as a free alternative.

Let’s look at some key features of seller sprite

Keyword Sprite:

  • Keyword Mining The most relevant and optimal keywords are sort out to improve our traffic and PPC
  • Keyword Research tool Based on the shopper’s demand, this enables us to find better market opportunities by providing better search results,purchase information, CVR, and accurate keyword search volume.
  • Information access to 2 years of monthly search/purchase trends.

Product Sprite


  • Accurate sales data and matrics are provided from a database of over 20 M products each month
  • Competitor Lookup Deeper insight into deals, sales, price, BSR, review, rating, hijacker, etc. and trends of competitors.
  • Product Discovery tool finds the optimum product listing based on criteria you provide, such as sales growth, etc.
  • Market Research tool untapped markets can be found out based on volatility, market capacity, competitiveness, etc

Tracking Sprite:

  • track the reviews .sales and BSR for any product and changes in its field.
  • Track the movements of your competitors by analyzing their strategies and much more.
  • visualize the changes in your own keyword daily rankings as well as your competitors.
  • A good user interface provides much easy to understand tracking data.


2. Helium 10

As a tool developed by amazon sellers, helium becomes one of the best alternatives as well as a free alternative. A serial entrepreneur and online marketing coach, Manny coats, heads the project. The software combines 19 tools in one, and more features get added on each year.we will discuss some of the main features that make helium 10 one of the best amazon product research tools out there.

Cerebro:Using reverse ASIN, it helps us to spy on our competition by getting loots of keyword ideas. It gives data regarding keyword search volume, competing for products and their capacities, info on keywords being utilized on PPC campaigns, and Cerebro IQ scores.

Black Box: It’s a powerful tool used to find the most profitable products to sell based on the criteria we provide. It helps us search using keywords,products, competitors, niche, and product targets.

Xray: This provides us with a browser extension that directly shows Amazon catalog information such as best sellers rank, total and average revenue, inventory levels, ratings, number of reviews, and much more.

Scribbles: Scribbles automatically adds the required keywords directly to our seller central via the Amazon Seller API.

It also suggests the most profitable keywords based on our product descriptions, name, and bullet points. It makes our listing optimization easier by crosschecking our inputs to adhere to the proper length and keyword relevance compliant.

Refund Genie

Estimated reimbursements for lost or damaged inventory and detailed reports on them are quickly generated to submit reimbursement requests to amazon.


This tool enables us to simplify, optimize, and automate your Amazon PPC Campaigns directly from helium 10. It allows us to view the top 5 products by spend and sales, highest ACoS campaigns, and spend keywords; setup sponsored Brand Campaigns and more.


Best Alternatives for Amazon Sellers

1. Jungle scout

Jungle Scout is a research tool offered by Amazon that enables you with finding winning products, researching keywords, estimating sales, and keeping an eye on all the competitors right from your rich dashboard. Talking about its origin, Greg Mercer founded it in 2014. The primary purpose that it solves is to show you the most profitable product with which you can grow your business in the easiest way possible.

In the present scenario, when tonnes of competition is increasing every year, the need to choose the most profitable product becomes extremely important. A wrong choice of product can make you fall in the market irrespective of your talent. So, the most critical factor for success i.e., product research, is where Jungle Scout helps you instantly.


1) Niche Hunter

Niche Hunter forms an essential part of this Amazon tool which helps you in identifying some profitable niche keywords, ideas, and products based on the following parameters:


  • Competition: It has a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being the least competitive, and 10 being the most competitive one. A score of 1 will provide excellent chances to rank on the first page as it has a low review count.
  • Average Price: It gives you an idea of a feasible price for the product as selling a product for Rs. Eight hundred won’t be profitable if the average rate of it is Rs.200.
  • Listing Quality Score: In Amazon SEO, there is a proper way of optimizing listings to rank higher in which the Listing Quality Score (LQS) tells you how well the listings are optimized in each niche.
  • Opportunity Score: This general score tells you that the given product has a great opportunity in the market (in theory) if it’s high.

You can get a good list of the most profitable keywords, niches, and ideas to explore further. It also lets you go deeper into the data of the product and get an understanding of how useful it is without even having to spend time on it.

2)Product Tracker

This is the tool that spits out the entire sales history of your chosen product that will include the average price, Best Seller Rank, units sold, reviews, Inventory in Stock, and a lot more just to judge if your product can be the next big thing or not.

Although it’s a super useful tool, it isn’t the be-all-end-all. It gives you an idea of the potential of the product based on the data present, but a lot more goes into finding a successful outcome.

3)Product Database

This has over 70 million products from the Amazon catalog, but the best part is you don’t have to view all of them to find what’s right for you. It provides you with preset filters, which makes it easier for you to find what you need and will prevent you from overlooking good information present right there in the database like profit calculator, international marketplaces, etc.

2. SellerApp

SellerApp is an all in one amazon research tool which provides ten salient features from rank monitors to product and keyword research.

It provides one of the best reverse ASIN tools to get a good idea about the competition you face as well as gain information from them.


Product Research

To have the best performance of our products, product visibility is a crucial factor. The more closer the result is to the top ranks, the more likely your product is to sell.

To allow your products to thrive, it is essential that we find products with less competition and the apt keywords which will enable them to have higher search results.

What the tool does is search through hundreds and thousands of products online, giving you a dashboard with the analysis sorted by categories you desire.

Product Ideas

SellerApp does while providing ideas to improve your business, also helps in suggesting new ideas for products based on their current sales and predictions.

This feature becomes highly valuable when we are thinking of expanding our business.

Profit Dashboard

The presentation of data is as crucial as its analysis, and it plays a significant role in making many decisions.

What this tool enables is to look like the most sophisticated amazon profit dashboard, where specific info about our day to day sales, performance, and much more is continuously monitored and displayed.

Listing Quality

Based on the discoverability and desirability, this tool provides the best product listings.The listings so obtained will help us know the convincing and relevant bullet points, the attractiveness of one’s product images, as well as the number of reviews and how do they impact on a buyer’s decision.


3. Viral launch

Viral launch ios an amazon research tool that has been garnering much popularity in recent times. This can only be attributed to its robust data and automation, seamless integration,result-driven procedures, and its constant improvements. To make data-driven decisions in your business and clients’ businesses from finding the best products to target in ads to finding opportunities in your keyword research to discovering new products and evaluating competitors, the software suite gives you everything you need to get an edge.


Its main features can be listed as follows

  • Amazon Product research
  • Amazon competitor tracker
  • Amazon keyword research
  • Amazon Advertising & PPC
  • Amazon Keyword tracking

There is room for improvement when it comes to optimization and development after launch. Still, when it comes to product research and launching a product as effectively as possible, the viral start is one of the best options out there.


Contributor: Aiben George is a student of IIM Indore who has been writing articles for various sources. From websites that offer training to students to general informative ones, he has been active in the field for quite some time and is passionate about the work he does.

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